BOOK REVIEW: As you Go to School

Waleeyah Olalekan

Civilisation has blindly kicked us in the face; a big slap to our sense of parental responsibility. When parents fear the best approach to adopt to upbring their children, the custody they can entrust their children with, and most importantly the school to enroll their children. These among other key societal issues are addressed in the book and the practical ways of tackling them.

As you go to school by Dr. Zafaran Adeniyi is a short motivational and inspirational book with 13 chapters and a total of 79 pages. The book is dedicated to all students who go to school to be morally upright and academically excellent. To all teachers who teach students true morality and sound academics. And to all parents who have time for their children's moral uprightness and academic attainment.

The book treats multifarious subject matters as they affect young innocent minds. The book calls on parents to be very conscious of the proper upbringing of their children. They should ensure well-being in terms of social, moral, and spiritual uprightness. The teachers are also called upon to uphold high moral standards. That they should be sincere in dispensing their functions towards the breeding of young scholars who will become the brains of tomorrow's inventions.

Students are classified into three major categories. Metaphorically, they are compared to tyres of a car with the teachers being the drivers. The major categories are the good Students who have been taught the good values to discern between right and wrong.The second one are those who are good but are influenced by their peers in school. And those that have been badly moulded from home.

This book looks into how to equip the students with the necessary tools to make them live a fulfilled life. The students are also urged to be vigilant of the kinds of friends they keep, the kinds of people they confide in; and that they should make a good mentor or counsellor so that they will not derail. It is our wish to be a good recommendation to society such that when our names are heard, it comes with good words. May Allah make it easy for us to achieve our aims and aspirations.

This book is a good recommendation from me. The fact that it was written by a Muslim should not be a concern, it is relatable and has a proper portrayal of linguistics embellishments. Have a wonderful and nice read!

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