You are what you think you are

Kamardeen Adeyemi and Khadeejah Ademola
 You Are What You Think You Are
Some human behaviors puzzle me. Have you ever wondered why a seller will greet one customer briskly, "Yes sir, may I serve you?" but ignore another? Or why an employee will consistently obey the instructions of one superior but only grudgingly do what the other superior requests? Or why we will pay close attention to what one person says but not to another? Look around you, you'll observe some people receiving 'Hey, man' or 'Hey, guy' treatments while others receive the sincere and important 'Yes, sir' treatment. Watch patiently, you'll observe that some people command confidence, loyalty, and admiration while others do not. Look patiently still, and you'll also observe that those persons who command the most respect are also the most successful.
I mean…! 
It can be compressed into one word: Thinking. Others see in us what we see in ourselves. We receive the kind of treatment we think we deserve. The fellow who thinks he is inferior, regardless of what his real attributions may be, is inferior. Thinking regulates actions; if a man feels inferior, he will likely act that way, and no disguise of cover-up or threat will hide this basic feeling for long. The person who feels he isnt important, isnt.
On the other side...
A fellow who really thinks he is equal to the task, is. To be important, we must think we are important- think like that and then others will think so too. Here again is the logic: How you think determines how you behave. How you act in turn determines how others react to you. Like other aspects of your self-program for success, winning respect is fundamentally simple. To gain the respect of others, you must first think you deserve respect. And the more respect you have for yourself, the more respect others will have for you. 
Look important, it helps you think important…
Rule: Remember, your appearance talks. Be sure it says positive things about you. Never leave home without feeling like the kind of person you want to be. As the most honest advertisement ever appearing in print is Dress Right. You Can't Afford Not To!; this slogan needs to be framed in every office, restroom, bedroom, office, and elsewhere you may find yourself. Just like a wise man says: You can usually identify a wrong kid just by the way he looks. Sure its unfair, but it's a fact: people today judge a future-promising person by appearance. It costs so little to be neat. Take the slogan literally. Interpret it to say: “Dress right; it always pays.” And be aware that looking important helps you to think important. Use clothing as a tool to lift your spirits, build confidence, and make connections.
An old Cultural and Creative Arts teacher of mine used to give this advice to students on last-minute preparations for final examinations: Dress up for this important exam. Get a new dress. Have your shirt pressed. Shine your shoes. Look sharp because it will help you think sharply. The teacher knew his arts and creativity”. Dont make mistake about it, for your physical exterior affects your mental interior. How you look on the outside affects how you think and feel on the inside.
In the quest of dropping my spilling ink…
Your appearance talks to you, but it also talks to others. It helps determine what others think of you. In theory, its pleasant to hear that people should look at a persons intellect, not their clothes. But dont be misled. People do evaluate you on the basis of your appearance. Your appearance is the first basis for evaluation other people have. I went to a supermarket one day and I noticed one table of apples priced 15 per thousand. On another table were apples, packaged in polythene bags and priced at 5 per 2 thousand. I asked the madam-in-charge, Whats the difference between the apples priced at 15 per a thousand and those priced at 5 per 2 thousand? The difference, she answered, is polythene. We sell about twice as many apples in the polythene bags. They look better that way.
Oya think about the apple example the next time you're selling yourself. Properly packaged, you have a better chance to make the sale and at a higher price. The point is: the better you are packaged, the more public acceptance you will receive. Tomorrow, watch who is shown the most respect and courtesy in restaurants, on buses, in crowded places, in an academic environment, and at work. People look at another person, make a quick and often subconscious appraisal, and then treat them accordingly. You, personally, look at some people and respond with the 'Hey, man' attitude. We look at others and respond with the 'Yes, sir' attitude.
How do you expect me to afford the kind of clothing that really makes me feel right and that causes others to look up to me?
That question puzzles many people. It plagued me for a long time. But the answer is really a simple one: Pay twice as much and buy half as many. Commit this answer to memory. Then practice it. Apply it to trousers, suits, shoes, socks, wristwatches, gowns, and shirts and everything you wear. Insofar as appearance is concerned, quality is far more important than quantity. When you practice this principle, you'll find that both your respect for yourself and the respect of others for you will go upward. And you'll find you're actually ahead money-wise when you pay twice as much and buy half as many.
Take your lesson!
The way you think goes a long way in effecting the outcomes of your life. Your thinking is geared towards success. Truly, we may not be capable of controlling the course of events; but, our manners of psychology will definitely ascertain failure or success. You just have to choose one anyway. When two friends wrote the same exam the first time and they failed; one of them gave up while the other went ahead to rewrite the exams and made it. This made it easy for the latter to proceed to achieving a good job life, while the other remained stuck. 
You are what you think you are! If your appearance makes you think you're inferior, you are inferior. If it makes you think small, you are small. Look your best and you will think and act your best.

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