May SDC never invite you!

Mojeed Ajibola Adeyinka Obalolu

Virtually everyone knows that students wear gowns during matriculation and graduation from the university. But, I doubt if anyone knows that it is possible to still wear this same gown by stale students - who are neither matriculating nor graduating. When I say stale students, 100level students who have sat for examination are inclusive. At least, our elders say: a day-buried corpse is no longer a stranger in the grave.

I learnt from an interview conducted by Adh-Dhikr Press for Olanshile Shamsudeen popularly called Advantage that during the protest saga in the University of Ibadan, he, as a Mellanby Chairman with other campus political leaders, were invited to the Students Disciplinary Committee (SDC) and they were given gowns to wear for the first panel. The panel eventually lasted for more than a year. In the end, the Honourable Speaker then, Ibrahim Asiwaju was suspended for two semesters.

This reminds me of what Dr. D.emola Lewis, a lecturer of LIN 141 (Introductory Phonetics) said when he was warning us to stay away from malpractices during his exam otherwise any culprit will face the panel of SDC. In his words: "I do pity lecturers who have cases with SDC, let alone students, therefore, behave yourselves." In a university like UI where discipline is a watchword, the fear of SDC is the beginning of wisdom. Having got to know about them, I hail them thus: "Afuni ni gown wo lai se convocation ". Those who give gown to students beyond convocation.

When a panel is made of living ancestors, what do you expect? Being invited by them is like a dog entering the den of a tiger. If such dog comes back alive hale and hearty, it deserves an accolade. If I won't be accused of exaggeration, I would have said: there is more than an invitation from EFCC because some Sacred Cows in Nigeria still find their ways with EFCC- ever with UI SDC. Hear Olanshile as he bitterly recounted: " So, SDC was not a good experience. Whenever we get(sic) there, we feel dejected and look like a criminal. Alhamdulilah, we were discharged but I can never forget that I went to SDC."

Beloved readers, I'm writing this to caution my humble self and fellows, especially Freshmen about any (in)actions that can lead us to SDC. Apart from "May UI never advise you" which is tantamount to rustication, one other prayer UItes should say a resounding Amen to is: "May SDC never invite you!"

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