Jimoh Abdullateef

The Da'awah Enlightenment program always organized by the MSSN University of Ibadan at the Central Mosque open ground took place yesterday, 30th August, 2021 extending Islamic morals and teachings to the Muslim brethren on campus and the Non Muslims with the topic, Juvenile Delinquency.

The program started with some Islamic nasheeds and short admonition being delivered by the MC of the prog, in person of imam AbdulQuadri and Imam Muhammad Jamiu trying to get the students engaged before the lecturer arrived. The lecturer, Ustadh Haashim Rasheed, a renowned Islamic scholar and educationist came in around 7:45pm and the lecture started immediately.

The lecturer started by saying that the topic of the lecture, Juvenile Delinquency mean different things to different people. He cited the word, capital meaning different things to an economist and Accountant. He talked on the Islamic view of the topic and directed the larger part of it to the university students, because this is a university setting.

The first thing he said was about the blessings Allah has given the Youth, one of which is intellectual power. He said the causes of the problem we face today, is largely caused by the Youth. A question was asked by the lecturer, "How will a 70 year old man kidnap and go successfully?" who are those involved in banditry, kidnapping and other vices in the society.

Ustadh Rasheed focused largely on some crimes, illegal practices amongst youth. Some of the crimes he talked about was the issue of AZ Zina, which he went ahead to list ways in which it can be avoided amongst the university students. Not being in seclusion with opposite sex, no intermingling of sexes, no indecent dressings, no handshake, lowering one's gaze amongst others. He also talked about drinking of alcohol, which as a Muslim, we should abstain from. He also talked largely on the issue of Music as music turns one against one's creator and plant hypocrisy in the heart of the listener.

Conclusively the seasoned educationist gave some piece of advice to the students on ground. Always be with the righteous, self evaluate as and when due, command what is good and forbid what is bad, read more about the best of generation, the companions of the prophet, and lastly time management which is a very crucial advice in reducing the delinquencies.

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