The True Secret of Love

Ademola Khadeejah
I often wonder why some people are very devoted and subservient to Allah while others are not. Stories of companions and righteous people always amaze me.  Some of them read the whole Quran in a day, some stood in Salah for the whole night and some donated all of their worldly wealth. You'd even wonder if these are the same people we're contending Al Jannah with. 
I pondered and wondered and later concluded that it is Love. Love will allow you to go the extra mile for your lover, you will hurt yourself for the sake of your lover without even knowing. The extent of your love for Allah will assist you to worship Him easily. The extent of your love for the Prophet will assist you to follow his orders without questioning them or feeling burdened about them. 
Your love for a person will not grow until you know them well also. The knowledge of the companions about Allah's might, mercies, graces, and bounties enabled them to submit to Him. The knowledge that He has the power to do and undo, yet He still chooses to be Merciful to you. He has the power to cripple you, yet you have your body parts in full form. He has the power to not forgive you after you err, yet He still forgives you. 
Knowing the Prophet will also grow your love for him and Allah. Right from his childhood, he lived a difficult life. He was born an orphan, he lost his mother at a young age, and shortly after his prophethood, he lost his greatest pillars of support, his wife and uncle. He made a lot of sacrifices alongside his companions to establish the Islam that we rejoice in today. Is he not worthy of loving? He supplicated to Allah for us without even meeting us, he cried to Allah for us. Can any other sort of love be compared to that?
Here's a bonus for you, when the worship of Allah turns sour for you or when it feels like a burden, recite the Quran, learn about Allah's names and their implications, and read about the Prophet and his many sacrifices. In turn, you will love Allah and His messenger and Allah's worship will be easy peasy for you.
      "O Allah, I ask You for Your Love and the love of those whom You Love and the actions that will cause me to attain Your Love, O Allah make Your love more beloved to me than myself, my family, and cold water'' 
The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) would often make this dua and he narrated that Prophet Dawud (peace be upon him) also recited it.
This is how far love can take one to---the true secret of love.

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