The World of the Unseen

Kamardeen Adeyemi
The weekly Spiritual Night programme held on the 8th and 15th of December, 2022 aroused people's interests as the lecturer, Ustadh Fadhlurahman Taiwo, lectured on the World of the Unseen. 
He started by saying that it is compulsory to believe in the unseen; whoever does not believe in them has not completed his faith. The existence of jinns was backed by Suratul Jinn; the meaning of jinn in Arabic is “the unseen”. A hadith was reported by ‘Aishah (RA) as she said the jinns were created from fire, angels were created from light and men were created from clay.
“How can we recognize the jinn even when we can not see them is what we will discuss, ” said the lecturer. He continued that: “They were given power different from the human and they can transform into whatever they want. Human cannot be transformed unless they have the power of the jinn to transform. Those who assume the power from the jinn are called ‘aje’, meaning, Witch. The witch are jinns (devils). And it is not all the jinns that fall into the category of witches. They have Muslims, Christians, those who go to NASFAT, Cherubim and Seraphim among others, ” he added. 
He said that he asked a jinn to tell him his (jinn) name one day, and the name sounded like a beat of a drum. The jinn emphasized that the drum-sound-like name is attached to dancing. Much of the jinns are Chinese and Indians in Asia; in Africa, they are massive in Egypt and Morocco; in Nigeria, they are much to the Northern and the Western side.
The jinns like music. And we intentionally call to their aid through the use of witchcraft; meanwhile, witchcrafts are devilish. The lecturer proceeded to cite many examples to explain different things the jinns like to be called for and he narrated stories that explained how we will be saved from the snare of jinn through the remembrance of Allah. “Whoever has immunity against the jinn, none of the witchcraft can affect him, ” the lecturer emphasized. 
“Where can we find the jinns? A silent place where there’s no disturbance; unfortunately, human seek their aid and build churches on the mountains; many churches are situated there to perform miracles. We can find them where it is far from the city, they also live within human and they do so without informing us. Just like the prophet (saw) said that: ‘Whoever enters a house and does not say the Word of Allah, the jinns will entertain the owner of the house. They also board taxi with us whenever they are tied, they also live where animals live, ” the lecturer said.
He continued that the jinns cannot be seen but some of us see them. Their natural form can not be seen but the jinns can be seen by what they transform into such as demons, monsters among others. 
“Our aspect of interaction is very serious. some go to them in search of something. People go in search of power, money, and knowledge; however, the jinn will not work freely. In consequence to that, those who seek the jinns help will be exposed; but whoever is not exposed in life, will be expose in the abode. Magic and witchcraft also bring the human close to the jinn.,”the lecturer explained.
He continued to add that some of them are better than human in worshipping Allah and they are created before human. We need to Allah’s guidance against them. Whoever seek guidance against the jinn, the more he seeks guidance, the more they leave him.
On how they easily possess a person, he explained that one of the reasons is ‘fear’. Do not be afraid of anything except Allah. And also, depression is part of their means of penetration. 
The lecturer continued the following week by summarizing what was said the previous week and immediately proceeded to the continuation of the topic. He asked if jinns possess human. He explained that the scholars have different stances on this; but he said it is true. If a person is possessed, the jinn will know all what the person knew or heard before.
He also added that we can know if someone is possessed by a jinn through two aspects: in sleep and in reality. In reality, the language of the person can change, the jinn will be in control of one’s action, some will know nothing about the happenings, and there are Awaatif (the hearers of strange talks), some person’s voice will change and will also be the only one seeing a particular thing. In sleep, when someone sees snake in his dreaming, when he sees human in a form that is not human, when he sees a jinn having sexual relationship with him or her, when something is written on someone’s body, and some may see beating marks.
“What we need to know to suppress the power of jinn. Apart from sound aqeedah, you need to know their trick and how they trick, the knowledge of islam, and whoever wants to be a Raaqi (exorcist) should be patient, ” he advised. 
Finally, he told us what we can do to be distanced from them. He mentioned the reading of Qur’anic verses like ayatul kursiyy and others; practicing of sunnah such as beard as a mode of appearance, brushing, mode of dressing, mode of sleeping, mode of eating among others; and adhkaar. He recommended some adhkaar like ‘la illaha illa wahdahu laa sharika lahu lahul mulku walahul hamdu wahuwa ala kulli shay’in qodeer’, ‘bismillahi ladhi layadurru mohasmihi shayhun fil ardi wala fi samohi wahuwa samee’ul aleem’, and other adhkaar.

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