Time Management: Increase your Self Fulfilment and Accomplishment – Dr. Idris Badiru

Alade Khadijat and Mojeed Ajibola

Time Management: Increase your Self Fulfilment and Accomplishment – Dr. Idris Badiru

The above witty saying is the stance of Dr Idris Badiru, a lecturer of the Faculty of Agriculture in the University of Ibadan, on Tuesday, 24th of August, 2021, during the Weekly Da'awah Enlightenment programme of the Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria, University Ibadan branch (MSSNUI) held at an open space of the Institution's Central Mosque.

The Lecturer of the last edition Dawwah Enlightenment, Dr. Idris Badiru enjoined all Muslims to manage their time wisely while speaking on the topic 'Time Management.' He said: “ We need to manage our time since it is ordained by Allah and the prophet Muhammad and since it also increases self-fulfillment and accomplishment. You feel better about yourself when you manage your time wisely”

In his lecture, he explained a time waster as a relative of Shaytan and emphasized his stance while drawing inference from Q9:V5 and a host of other Quranic injunctions and hadiths with more fervor on the essence of time in the life of believers as they will be the judge on four matters on the day of Resurrection. These four matters include: How man spent his life, how he shared his knowledge, how he acquired his wealth, and how significant these are to his life as a believer.

In a view to managing Time well, the Guest Speaker however urged the audience of both male and female members of MSSNUI to divide their times into four: Time for Allah. According to him, Muslims should have periods they use for spiritual aspects of their lives. The second is: Time for Livelihood, the livelihood of students should be study. So, the Speaker tasked the audience to apportion an adequate time for their studies. The third is Time for friendship and the last Time for Halal pleasure. The Speaker advised that Muslims should have time they use with righteous friends who usually remind them of goodness and allot time for rest because no one can afford to work all through.

Dr. Idris Badiru while asking the question if We can manage time, answered affirmatively that our daily activities and events can be managed, through organizing our lives in accordance to the hours one has in a day and vice versa in that time is beyond our control.

Using himself as a case study, Dr Badiru advised the audience that there is time for everything in life.  He therefore pleaded to the audience to set their goals right and always do the first thing first. In his closing remarks, he enjoined all the Muslims present to set priorities and strategize in their time management as 20% of the actions are responsible for 80% of eventual outcomes.

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