Editorial: The Goals we might have Forgotten


At first, the information of the resumption date seemed like a stillborn which wouldn’t come to life, eventually. It later transformed into hearsays from one quarter of the institution to the other and finally, the highest decision-making body of the University affirmed the date and the reality dawned on us- the school resumed on the 31st day of January, 2022. Over the years, the University of Ibadan wasn’t known for this earlier-than-required resumption. Perhaps this could be to reduce the anxiety of the freshmen who had waited for almost two years after their UTME; indeed the resumption was well-deserved.

It is evident that the session has begun and lectures have commenced as envisaged. The ticking of the clock continues; with the pressure from millisecond, second couldn’t wait but to hasten the minute which resulted into the the unrelenting race of the hours, days and week. Lo and behold! It’s almost two weeks. It is, however, not too late to get you prepared for the section: to pave ways for you to tread; to design for you a roadmap for this academic sojourn and to help you sharpen the axes to chop down the trees of obstacles.

Being here on the campus of the University of Ibadan shows you are a mind that explores the world; that you have once made some great decisions that paid off; that you have the potentials to exploit greater and come up with greater achievements. So, listen to the word of your mind and the heartbeat of the quietness of your soul. And more importantly, take note of this piece.

This editorial is bidirectional- to the two parties involved in teaching-learning process. On the one hand, to remind the University who received our pledges that some goals are set to be achieved and, such goals should be the prime concern; everything necessary to achieve them must be done. On the other hand, to charge the students to take some responsibilities upon themselves to avoid flawed ending.

The first of the goals is to give us necessary knowledge and high level relevant manpower training to enable us contribute to national development. We are individual with great minds , not just for us to have good grades but also to implement everything we learn for the betterment of our immediate environment. Thus, kindly ensure the best is given to us. And wherever needs arises, review our curriculum and let us feel the impact of learning.

Beyond that, as Nigerian potential graduates, we are expected to develop and inculcate proper values for the survival of ourselves and society. We are not perfect individuals with academics alone. Academics is a part that needs to be complemented with values like orderliness, patriotism, Justice and equity, empathy, religious tolerance, among others.

We need to develop the intellectual capability to understand and appreciate our local and external environment. It is expected of you to design for us series of activities that will bring these into fruition.

It is worthy to note that the provision of GES 301 and Entrepreneurship courses pave better ways for us to be self-reliant; however, their operations don’t seem effective. We need to be less-theoretical and be more action-oriented. It is important to acquire both physical and intellectual skills which will enable individuals to be self-reliant and useful members of the society.

The government, having provided us with what they deem to be necessary, expect us to promote and encourage community service after attaining Scholarship which is expected to be provided by the school. Already, we are aware of our roles to ensure and cement national unity; we implore you also to intensify your efforts to make this goal come to reality. Seminars and Orientation Programmes should be organized continually and, programmes should be set up for encouragement.

All these goals can be attained through effective teaching from Lecturers; adequate research and relevant development; virile staff development programmes; generation and dissemination of knowledge; a variety of modes of programmes; access to training funds such as those provided by the Industrial Training Fund (ITF); students industrial work experience scheme(SIWES); Maintenance of minimum educational standards through appropriate agencies; inter-institutional co-operation; dedicated service to the community through extra moral and extension services FRN (1998:31-32) If all these are well organized: the school provides the needfuls; the Lecturers understand their roles and are fully taken up, and the students are also ready to avail all these opportunities, there would be national and international understanding and interaction.

Dear students, be aware of this: Tertiary Education won't cease to be a waste until you understand some of the goals. While you set your goals for the session and after graduation, kindly have the goals of the government in mind. Those are the long-term goals that will enable the actualization of your personal goals. In them, there are some which the responsibilities should be shouldered by the school! While the responsibilities of some parts are saddled with your selves. Do ensure no stone is left unturned- even the stones that are to be turned by the government and the school.

While you set your fleeting goals, do not forget to actualize the goals you’ve set for Allah centuries ago. As Muslims, our lives are ridden with responsibilities. Ensure you’re not distracted by the goals you’ve set for your academics. Do not be overwhelmed with the fear of failure. Be careful between the two primaries!

Another sojourn has started. Be brave. Tread with prudence. When you look into the mirror, you’re definitely going to see a beautiful face of yours. Live  your life and make decisions as beautiful as what you have seen.

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