In the shadow of the days

The clock keeps ticking continuously in a monotonous rhythm; the dusk keeps paving way for the dawn; we unconsciously watch the rising and setting of the sun on a daily basis. Days come after days; weeks are recorded in a twinkling of an eye; a 30-day journey seems less: these imply the days of our life are swiftly counted. Have you, at any point in time, ponder on the implication of these processes? 
The world is about to witness the emergence of the blessed month- Ramadan. In few days, the month of emancipation of the world from deception of this life arrives. The love shared among families during Sahur, the zeal for Iftar, the brotherhood in the mosque, the sanity of the society, the flourish of the spirit of righteousness, love and kindness, the strengthening of  the family bond, the shared philosophy of Ramadan among all religions, are reasons why Ramadan is a month the world must look forward to.
Like the season, the life of a student moves in the manner of a pendulum, to and fro, to and fro. Yet, it also circumbulate around these periodic rituals of lectures, assignments, tests, examinations and vacation- the problem is unending until graduation. How well do you plan to achieve all these during the blessed months?
As a student of university of Ibadan, one needs to get everything needed ready to have a hitch-free Ramadan. The blessing of the month is hidden under fatigue. Wakes up as early at 04:00am – or earlier- to prepare Sahuur; observes some rakahs for tahajud, strives to meet up the fajr deadline while eating, endures not to get a nap shortly before Fajr;  the early hours hunger, the thirst at noon, the fatigue after Asr, the interesting Tefseer, the urge for Iftar, the long Taraweeh immediately after solat Ishai, and many other personal spiritual activities. All these, coupled with the already existing stress of being a virtual learning, are to be faced during the 30-days spiritual journey.
As muslims, in spite of  the supposed difficulties that come along with the moth, our hearts are light, and we are forever happy to welcome the month. Although the unease comes in reality, we are always eager to forgo the unease for the rewards. Hence, we are left with the already-existing unease that comes with being a virtual student: the data-consuming classes, the low power supply from IBEDC, the bad network from the network providers, the oblivions of some classes, and many more. Just like we have lived through it since its inception , we will , undoubtedly live through it till the end of the semester.
The truth is: Ramadan is a comprehensive school that offers the opportunity to renew ones attestation of the creed because fasting is a strong connection between the slave and his Lord-Allah. We have been unconscious of our deeds for the past eleven months- our deeds aren’t the way they were in the last Ramadan. Our hearts are aching; Ramadan is needed for healing. Here is another period of renaissance – a new era for perfection of one’s faith.
Ramadan is a month of our return to ourselves to ponder over our situations and our relationship with our Lord. Our souls that have been wandering around for the pursuit of materialism will be reawaken and shine again with dhikr and closeness to Allah , and subsequently portray the real picture of the deception of this world.
The power that lies in Dua cannot be overemphasized; its effects on our success as students cannot be looked down upon. Salient periods have been set aside by Allah as blessings for muslims to call unto him . Allah responds to calls by His true servants every time;  He only places emphasis on this moths. Glad tidings to those whose intestines would be dried for days! 
As Ramadan knocks, you are advised to have a religious-friendly schedule- giving priority to your primary objectives on earth- during the month. You are also advised to take good care of your health as the stress, hunger and thirst during the month might have negative effects on your health-if not properly taken care of. As students, you are also advised to be mindful of your classes, as naps are inevitable during this month.
On a final note, as Ramadan is a month of ponder, try to listen to the voice of your mind, and to the heartbeat and to the quietness of the soul. Listen and heed your hearing. Ramadan presents the opportunity to be quite, contemplate and listen.
We beseech Allah Almighty to spare our lives, till and beyond and more importantly, make rewarding acts easy fo us. And, most importantly accept them from  us as an act of Ibadah. Amen.

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