MSSNUI: 2022 at a Glance

Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria, University of Ibadan branch– a thriving community of individuals who come together to celebrate their faith and make a positive impact on their campus and beyond– hosts a range of events that cater for the spiritual, social, and academic needs of her members in 2022. From tutorials to weekly spiritual sessions and charity drives, the society provides a safe and supportive space for students to connect and grow in their faith.
But the Muslim Students' Society in the University of Ibadan is not just a place for spiritual and academic, it is also a hub of social interaction and community service, where students from diverse backgrounds come together to learn from one another and give back to the larger community.
Immediately after the end of 2020/2021 session which was on the wrap of 2021, the society went on a spiritual adventure— to preach Islam to the people of Igbo Oloyin. Asides from its spiritual function, it relieved students of the stress of exams. A point to note here: it's expected of the society to do follow-up visits. Considering how tedious it was in planning and the efforts enacted on its success, the efforts shouldn't go in vain. There is a need for MSSNUI to go back and assess their impacts. 
The new year wasn't special as a new breeze that was expected to blow didn't–just like every other day of 2021. The only new breeze that blew in January was in Igbo Oloyin where MSSNUI refurbished the community toilet. 
The success of the Orientation Week deserves to be aired time-to-time. The coordination that started before the Post UTME exams had a huge impact on the success of the programme. It should be noted that the success of this programme continues- it transcends the Orientation week. Better members should be put in the committee to maintain this legacy. 
The world is tilting towards tech skills. MSSNUI acknowledged this and organised a Level Up programme. The programme is gone; It is believed that the committee didn't just leave the participants after the training. A journey of a thousand miles, they say, can be covered in a day with good mentors.  
The success continued. The long queues at the central mosque returned in April. The past two sessions were devoid of this experience– the joy of shared brotherhood. Iftar was prepared through the days of Ramadan for Muslim students. Ramadan returns in less than 3 months, and the success recorded should be surpassed. 
To get people (back) into writing, Adh-Dhikr Press  Organisation organised a Writing Challenge. It was unprecedented—the first of its kind. Complaints were recorded on the mode of application and participation; it is believed that the committee will look into this and do the needful in subsequent editions.  
Eid- Fitr is a day for Muslims to moist their veins as the thirst is gone and to share love and happiness. Adh-Dhikr Press Organisation gathered the displeasures of students on the day as people's hopes of merriment were dashed. This practice would have been revived during the Ileya festival, but it is assumed that it wasn’t done because of the low number of students on campus. Gatherings like this are valuable and memorable to students; the society should ensure its continuity. 
Despite the incessant strike that had left some students in messy conditions, MSSNUI was actively on her mission to continually serve as the true hope of Muslim students. There came the development of Podcasts and Newsletters. The podcast has, since then, featured a series of lectures on academic, social, spiritual, personal, professional, and relationship discussions. To reaffirm that MSSNUI loves her Members, a weekly podcast is sent by the Assistant Social and Welfare Director checking up on students and using the medium to disseminate important information. 
The moment MSSNUI lost a vibrant Muslim lecturer would not be forgotten. Dr. Ajagun dumped the position of Students' Adviser unannounced. It was not just a loss to MSSNUI, but also the entire Muslim community at large. May Allah overlook her shortcomings. 
There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Indeed, there was light for Nigerian students. ASUU resumed unconditionally—regardless. As the school management had a swift decision on the university Calendar, MSSNUI UI also brought her activities back to life immediately. 
First Class students got their cash prizes. The weekly Faculty Meetings, CPMSS and other tutorials, Da'wah Enlightenment, Spiritual Night, classes of the Circle of Learning, Press activities, and all other activities of the society sprang with immediate effect and on more 'sophisticated' levels. 
The financial responsibilities on MSSNUI were carried out. Adh-Dhikr Press gathered that over a million naira was disbursed through the Al-Ansar foundation for the payment of school fees for students who couldn't afford the payment. The continuous support for Muslim students on request is a commendable act. 
After so many delays, the finalists are hopeful of leaving the campus in a few months. The swiftness in the decision-making of the committee is highly appreciated. The committee took the plunge with a get-together programme. As the finalists are on the verge of completing their programme, the activities of the forum should be tailored towards the reality of existence outside there— projects writing, life after school, the hopes, the disappointments, family, post-graduate education, business, and all. 
The low turnout of the sisters for the Sisters' Day Out is worthy of inclusion. Adh-Dhikr Press observed the long duration of planning the programme and the resulting seemingly low turnout by the target audience. On the one hand, the society is expected to intensify her efforts in uniting female folks and ensuring the values are well communicated to them. On the other hand, the attitudes of some of the potential participants towards the programme were discouraging. The programme concerns all female Muslim students of the University of Ibadan. However discouraging information you might have heard about the society and the 'attitudes' of some of her members or executives, it shouldn't deter you from strengthening the love among fellow Muslims and raising the flag of Islam higher.  It's often said that a lion does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.
The presence of the Chief Imam as a guest lecturer during a Da’wah Enlightenment session speaks volumes about the relationship between the UI Muslim Community and the members of the executive of the society. This should continue and a more cordial relationship should be ensured. 
The visitations of the Prison Yard Visitation Committee to prisons and the Hospital Visitation Committee to Orphanage Homes and hospitals are commendable. The security arm of the society, in her capacity, has been formidable. 
The society decided to change the time for Da'wah Enlightenment Programme to 5 pm for security reasons. This is the right step at a right time. Prevention is better than cure. 
The Imams and  Faculty Coordinators will not be left out. The most revered people on the surface of the earth are the knowledgeable ones. Just like Allāh reveres you, you are revered. You are charged to effect this honour by ensuring proper coordination of people in your custody. Be mindful of Allāh! 
In conclusion, the Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria is a well-organised and active organisation that serves the needs of Muslim students. The weekly programmes, supports for Islam and Muslim students, answering the calls of needs, and proper coordination of the affairs of Muslim students are particularly notable strengths of the organisation. 
However, there is room for improvement in all ramifications, especially the issues of Muslims who do not see the reasons to be part of this organisation. Overall, the Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria is a valuable resource for Muslim students in the University of Ibadan, and it's believed that Allāh will aid her cause.  Ameen. 

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