Islam: A seed to sprout, grow and yield.

Muhammad Jamiu Mubarak
At exactly 1pm, the conventional sermon, weekly delivered by the Chief Imam of the University of Ibadan, Prof Abdul Rahman Oloyede took another dimension as the erudite scholar tailored his sermon to mark the annual conference of the  Association of Model Islamic Schools (AMIS) Oyo State's chapter . He began the session by laying emphasis on knowledge while chipping in the ravaging issue of Hijab in Government secondary schools in the south western part of Nigeria. He proceeded to the discuss proper by firstly eulogizing the efforts of the AMIS on their unified synergy in claiming the bragging rights of the Muslims and Female Children at large, He offered a prophetic Narration to back that where he said " Anyone who train a female child,while equipping her with sound education and later marry her off will be together with me(the prophet) on the day of recompense".
Thereafter, a resounding line of diffraction was drawn as regards the ownership of Government secondary schools in the south west one acclaimed to be owned by Methodist and Baptist missionaries, the cat was let out of the bag that the schools were built by people of the community where they are situated today, but turned out to be transferred to the control of the Government during the colonial era , though being run by church missionary owning to the level of littercay back then but the fact still remained that those schools were built by the community and later became exclusive property of the government . The missionary bodies were claiming ownership mainly because of the nominal inclinations to those schools as the government failed to change the name of the schools on transfer of ownership.
At the hour mark, the spiritual leader expressed his displeasure with Muslims as they do not patronise schools owned by Muslims , where he sighted an example of a Muslim whom behind his house is an Islamic School but would prefer to go extra mile to enrol their wards claiming that the Islamic schools are bereaved of standard, and if you ask them what standard is, they are referring to 'Spoken English'.
 He further buttressed that China , who happen to be the apparent world power acclaimed that zenith without an iota of English language, the were indigenous and highly conservative of their heritage.
He commended the efforts of the AMIS members and others fighting for Muslims right to quality education as he termed them Jihadists (Strugglers) in the modern age of intellectualism.
He further urged school owners to keep enduring the victimisation as they are the forerunners in the warfront as he further assure them of breakthrough and relief, one lingering around the corner, to be unveiled by patience and perseverance.
The  sermon was slammed shut with loads of supplications and ultimately 2 unit Jummah Prayer.

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