Ramadan Fasting; The leaking Bucket

Muhammad Jamiu Mubarak

Not exceeding the customary time for Jummah service, the marvelous sage, in person of Prof Abdur-Rahman Oloyede mounted the podium to further look into the multifarious challenges facing the Muslim faithfuls, most especially from the spiritual realm down to human relation , in descending order of importance, as he centered his discuss around the sacred month of tranquility and serenity; Ramadan. Week after which eulogy had been offered and virtues of the glorious month had been spelt out, He chose to look into Ramadan fasting in the purview which I termed "the leaking bucket" i.e actions that are considered by many not to have adverse effect on the quality of one's (Ramadan) fast,not knowing it does affect the fast and renders it null and void, if proper care is not taking.

The sermon started properly with the prophetic Narration that highlighted some of the vitiators of Ramadan fasting, where the prophet (PBUH) reported to have said on the authority of Abu Hurairah that “Whoever does not leave evil words and deeds while fasting, Allah does not need him to leave food and drink.”
Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 1903.

He further expounded on the exegesis of the Hadith by culling acts that should be shunned to avoid leakage of one's fasting, some of the points he highlighted include;
- Telling lies,
- Backbiting,
- Gambling,
- Lustful gaze at opposite sex,
- Listening to Music
- Vain talks, etc

The Imam further reminded the the congregation that the main aim of Ramadan fasting is to instill piety through discipline in its adherence as the act of not eating, and drinking while exercising refrain in any vitiating deed all have a resultant expectation, one which isn't far fetched from consciousness of Allah's dos and don'ts as Ramadan has always come to exemplify that in a practicable ways.

As he was about to round off the session, he gave an analogy on how to buttress the fact that Muslims are not allowing Ramadan to effect the necessary changes which are intended with it as he gave a scenario on sudden hike in food prices and transport fares immediately Ramadan crescent is sighted and add-on fees added by road transport workers all in the name of welcoming Ramadan; a month of blessing and bidding it farewell by adding exuberant fee during it's celebration in the most inhumane ways, contrary to the Christians who ensured sanity is restored during their festivals to commemorate the spirit of love and kindness as their festives implies .

The sermon was concluded with supplications as the imam intensify efforts in persuading the believer to seek redress and act accordingly followed by these was the two-unit jummah prayer and finally suspension of the Jummah session till another blessed week.

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