A Month after Rural Dawah, MSSNUI Refurbishes Community Toilet

Musibau Sulaimon


The Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria, University of Ibadan branch took it upon herself at the 1443 A.H Rural Da'wah to renovate a dilapitated public toilet at Oritamerin, Igbo-Oloyin, Ibadan.

The religious students' association, during the public propagation of Islam and the teachings of the prophet to the area noticed the deplorable state of the building and decided to give it a new look.

While speaking with the Naibul Amir of the Society, Brother Mustapha Tirmidhi, he noted that it is customary of the Society to carry out an indelible and beneficial project for the residents of the community they visit at the end of every Rural Dawah; thus, the renovation of Oritamerin Igbo-Oloyin public toilet came into being.

He added : "The residents of the area are very grateful for the completion of the project and, they sent their prayers to every member of the society, "

The Naibul Amir of the society, however, noted that the execution of the project was successful with the help of Almighty Allah and other important stakeholders of the society. He, therefore, beseeched Allah's blessing on everyone who contributed to the success of the project.

Rural Dawah 1443AH was a programme aimed at propagating the message of Islam, most especially the basic concept of monotheism, to the people in the remote part of Ibadan, Oritamerin, Igbo Oloyin between Friday, 10th of December and Monday, 13th of December, 2021.

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