CPMSS Sets Pace For Incoming Students

Waleeyah Olalekan


In a bid to ensure academic and spiritual excellence of freshmen in the institution, Circle of Prelim Muslim Students (CPMSS), a committee set up by the Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria, University of Ibadan branch to oversee the academic activities of students in the sciences, has announced her intention to organize tutorials for students who would be taking courses from the Faculty of Science.

Speaking with the coordinator of the Circle, Habeeb Olawuwo, he gave the reasons behind the welcome development and why the committee intends to start as early as possible since the school is not yet in session.

"Well, I was a student of CPMSS during the just-concluded session. There is this saying that 'early to bed, early to'; We want to start early to avoid workload and errors that we made in the previous session. So that we will not have to be rushing," the coordinator offered.

In furtherance, he gave a piece of advice to the freshmen :

"They should try to meet the right staylites and follow whatever advice they offer them,".

He added that the tutorial which was released by the committee in a broadcast message on WhatsApp under the auspices of the society on Wednesday, 12th of January, 2022 will kickstart immediately the school resumes.

However, to know more about the society's plans for the incoming students, our correspondent spoke with the Director of Studies of the Society, Oladapo Abdussalam, on tutorials for other faculties. He responded;

"We have quite number of tutorials in MSSN-UI which I am in charge of. We have MMS(Muslim Medical Students) for Medical Students in 200 level, We have CPSMS for Education and Social Sciences Students, and MTSG for students in the Faculty of Technology. In Shaa Allah, we are moving to the Faculty of Arts. We don't have for law. We only have economics, education, sciences, and medical students. The reason why we have not extended to others is because it will not be good enough for us to start something and we are not able to be consistent with it, so our attention for now is drawn to the faculty of Arts. We have been trying to extend it to other faculties for the past few years but it has not worked. I hope that we achieve that very soon,"

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