Finalists' Forum kicks off with Get-Together and General Meeting

Waleeyah Olalekan
Finalists' Forum kicks off with Get-Together and General Meeting
Finalists' Forum kicked off her programme for the session with a get-together and general meeting on Sunday December 11, 2022, at the Central Mosque. The program was moderated by the Director of Studies of the Society (Abdusalam Oladapo) and the finalists were addressed by Dr. Selim Alarape who shed light on issues that are of utmost importance to their lives.
In his address, Dr. Selim emphasized the acquisition of soft skills for personal development which will always serve as an added advantage. He implored them not to take leadership skills with levity as they never can tell when the skills would come in handy. He said,"build soft skills and prepare yourself for the outside world. What type of preparation are you supposed to make?" 
He also accentuated the power of networking and that they should invest more in networking because it would help them in other areas.
Speaking further, Dr. Selim enjoined the finalists to choose at least three areas within their fields. He specifically mentioned that they should be careful with the kind of bond they build their networking with; he said, "Don't pick randomly."
He also added that it is a must to build bonds but, it is a must they know the type of bond they build. The guest lecturer also mentioned that the best time to build bonds was when they first got to campus and now is also the best time to do so.
Still addressing the finalists, Dr. Selim made them know that they have to be conscious of their environment and that people are looking up to them in their respective faculties. He also stressed the fact that their thinking would change once they graduate and that maturity would naturally come.
He hereby made his three parting words on knowledge, age, and position which are integral considerations in every sane person's life. 
Towards the end of the forum, the attendees took turns introducing themselves alongside their areas of interest and marital status. A Kahoot session was also held at the end of the introduction.
In addition, the attendees also expressed their pleasure and commend the job well done by the society as the forum exposed them to a lot of life lessons now and beyond.

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