'I almost gave up in my 200 level' -Humainat, Elect-Elect Best Graduating Female Student

Ajibola Mojeed

The Female Best Graduating Student of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the University of Ibadan, Humainat Timelehin RAJI said she almost gave up in her second year in the University when she had to take Mechanical Engineering courses.

Responding to our correspondent, Humainat said despite the fact that her departmental courses are challenging, the Mechanical Engineering courses she took in her second year were more technical.

She however said she was able to overcome the challenges by acquiring soft skills that could help her in the courses.

Being a Muslimah, Humainat said while in school she founded BEYOND THE STEREOTYPE, a community with the goal to help increase the number of skilled Muslim women in Africa.

'After graduation, I plan to go for my Masters programme Abroad and venture into the space of life," Humainat declared.

Humainat is one of newly-inducted engineering graduates who were inducted into the profession on Thursday, 27th of January, 2022 at the Faculty of Technology Lecture Theatre.

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