Jaw War 2021 Begins

Alimi Abdussalaam. A.

The long-awaited Jaw War, which is the largest public speaking competition in the whole of the Sub- Saharan West Africa began on Wednesday, 29th of September, at the New Faculty Lecture Theatre of Faculty of Science. 

It started with Lord Tedder Hall against the Premier Hall, Kenneth Mellanby Hall with the theme; "Can virtual class effectively replace physical classes?" It ended with Lord Tedder defeating the Premier Hall with 87% to 81%.

The medical students of Alexander Brown Hall was paired against the Great Independence Hall on " Single used plastics should be banned in Nigeria" as the theme, after a long dragging, the independence hall won with 85% against 81% for the ABH.

The Great Nnamdi Azikiwe hall jaw-warred the Noblemen of Sultan Bello hall, their topic was "Stan culture, a healthy support system or a toxic following?" It almost result in a draw but the zikites won. The result is 88% for Zik Hall and  87% for the Bellites.

The two Halls of Queens; Idia and Elizabeth went against each other but the Queens of Elizabeth won with 84% against 81% of Idia. Their point of focus was the privatization of the eco Atlantic; a bad idea?"

Then the last duel was between the hall on great men, Ransome Kuti Hall, and the Obafemi Awolowo hall Queens with the theme; " Should Nigerians in diaspora be allowed to vote?" In the end, Kuti hall won with 95 % defeating Awo hall who had  91%. The competition ended with great excitement and fun. 

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