MSSN B-Zone Reunites Muslims for the Destiny of the Nation

Waleeyah Olalekan


Muslims across the 17 States of Southern Nigeria converged at the International Conference Centre of the University of Ibadan on Sunday, 18th of September, 2022 as MSSN B-Zone held her 11th Annual Symposium with the theme, 'THE NATION’S DESTINY'.

In his opening remark, the chairman expressed his hope that justice would be done to the theme as renowned and competent lecturers have been invited to address it.

Speaking on the topic “Ethno-religious agitation and the imperative of inclusiveness,” Dr. Muiz Banire [SAN} emphasized that it is high time we reawakened our knowledge of Islam and be prepared to utilize our PVC positively; we should also mobilize people around us to do so.

He also added that Nigeria has many legacies and diversities which include languages, religions, ethnicity, and so on. It was stated that saying we have ethnic balance in our system is still a mirage taking federal character and quota system as examples. This federal character and quota system are extended to the admission and promotion of workers which lead to injustice, inequality, and unfairness in the country.

In his lecture, he also opined that we should not expect the benevolence of Allah when we are involved in ungodly affairs.

The keynote speaker also recommended regionalism or the return of rule to the Whites as a possible way out.

In his recommendations, Dr. Banire emphasized that there must be inclusion and that getting to this level requires a benevolent dictator who will help us to restructure the country. 

Professor Afis Oladosu while discussing the topic “Redefining Nigeria’s destiny through credible polls” vehemently credited the bad condition of Nigeria to Nigerians themselves and for Nigeria to be better; we need to be better as well.

He also explained that Nigeria needs a president who is mad because all its inhabitants are mad. The second speaker also enjoined everyone not to be voters who solicit money and we should set the boundary such that other people would know.

The Academic made references to various verses of the Holy Qur’an to encourage people to remain obedient to Allah and His messengers and that everyone will be called to account for what he has done.

The Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies also made it clear that there is a difference between authoritarian theses and authoritative theses.

Dr. Amao Alaga highlighted that the major problem in Nigeria is communication and he expressed his joy to be present at the symposium.

Also worthy of note are donations and the presentation of awards to deserving personalities.

The symposium was graced by eminent personalities in Nigeria including the MSSN National Ameer, Mallam Shehu Usman, Dr. Amao Alaga, Mallam Umar Muhammad, Professor Abdulganiy Raji, Professor Tayo Lamidi, Dr. Habeebah Oladosu, Alhaja Maryam Akinwande, and other distinguished men and women.

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