MSSNUI Distributes Ramadan Package to Members

Adh-Dhikr Press

The Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria, through the Ramadan Planning Committee (RPC) , on Sunday, 25th April, 2021 started the distribution of Ramadan package to members.

The relief package for members is in line with the aims of the society to look after the welfare of all member students.

The distribution of the package to members is being done in accordance with the prescriptive measures laid down by the school management to the curb the spread of Covid-19.

Prior the distribution, a record of about 800 applicants have been made through the Google form created by the committee.

In order to ensure all interested members aren't deprived of this opportunity, the chairman of the committee, Alabidun Daud, sent a message to all interested members on 27th  of April, 2021, to re-affirm their interests.

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