Orientation Week 1443 AH: Newly-Matriculated Students Meet the Elders

Ajibola Mojeed
The Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria,  University of Ibadan branch organised a programme for the newly-matriculated Muslim Students of the University today, 25th of February, 2021 at the University Central Mosque to mark the second day of this year's Orientation Week Programme. 
Earlier, there was a Special Jumu'ah for the Orientation Week which was led by the Chief Imam of the University, Professor AbdulRahman Oloyede where he gave his sermons on breeding good faith alongside good behavior. 
The special event tagged "Meet the Elders" started around 3:00 pm after Jumu'ah Prayer. It featured Welcome Remark by Dr. Badru, Introduction of the Executives of the Society, Introduction of the elders, Words of advice, and Questions- Answers section. 
Speaking at the event, Dr. Idris Badiru of the Faculty of Agriculture urged the new students to make use of the opportunity they have as students of the University of Ibadan. 
"Irrespective of the course you're here to study, it's a great privilege for you to be a student of the University of Ibadan. So, make good use of this opportunity. You can get anywhere in the world by the virtue of being a student of this prestigious University," he advised. 
Speaking further, Dr. Badiru advised the students to stay away from deviant associations on campus and hold on to MSSN because there are lots of benefits in the students' association.
"Most of us did not attend Madrasah when we were young. All our Islamic knowledge and civilization were got from MSSN. So, stick to this pristine association; you have much to gain therein," He admonished. 
The academic from the Faculty of Agriculture in the University of Ibadan said he had the worst of his scores as an undergraduate because he didn't join the Muslim Students'  Society of Nigeria of the University of Ibadan as the society always seeks to not only spiritual but also excellent academic grades of her members.
The keynote speaker said he has his daughter as a new student among the audience, encouraged the new students to be engaged in the activities of MSSN. 
" If MSSN is not good, I wouldn't join as an undergraduate, let alone asking my daughter to join now. If any of your parents discourages you from joining MSSN, I understand such parent's fear. It's the fear that many students become extremists after joining some associations but I can assure you it's not MSSN of UI. I learnt a lot from the association," He appealed. 
Also in contribution, the Chief Imam of University, Professor AbdulRahman Oloyede, who selected some new students to remind the gathering of his sermon during the Jumu'ah prayer, urged them to uphold all the teachings in the sermon.
The Chief Imam in his earlier Jumu'ah sermon, obliged the congregation to be of good behavior as Muslims because worship without morality is incomplete.
Also present at the event were Mr. Mikail from the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies, the Amir of MSSNUI, Brother Obakemi Ibrahim with his cabinet, returning students, the new students, and a host of others.

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