Orientation Week: Committee Prepares for a 9-day Programme

Waleeyah Olalekan


As University of Ibadan dwells in the state of resumption, MSSN-UI is working tirelessly to put programmes in place for freshmen. The society, through the orientation week committee, has designed different activities to welcome and help the new students on their spiritual and academic upliftments. 

While speaking with the Chairman of the committee, Brother Abdul Kabeer Adekunle, a 400-level student of the Faculty of Agriculture, he spelled out the plans for the freshmen and why the orientation is important.

"We have been on this for about a month now; Planning and preparation to ensure things are easy for them. The first thing we did after the inauguration of the committee was to get their contacts to ensure familiarity and get necessary materials," the chairman recounted.

In an interview conducted by our correspondent, he  further expressed their efforts in keeping the Freshers abreast of everything going on on campus and providing them with necessary guideliness on online registration.

The chairman unveiled the 9-day Orientation Programmes with varied sessions: tafseer session, city tour, the variety night, Formal opening, Dawah enlightenment, Spiritual Night, Football match and many others.

He also laid emphasis on the essence of the orientation programme to the freshmen; "When you are new in a system, you may be bothered and even be frustrated but when you see someone to gives you orientation, it will be easy,"

"You know MSSN will combine academic and spiritual activities together. So they will not forget the reason why Allah created them and their motives for coming to school, " he added.

The annual Orientation Week of the Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria University of Ibadan branch is a programme set aside specifically for the freshmen and it is expected to commence in few weeks.  



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