Alade Khadijah

The Sigma Club, University of Ibadan, on 26th April, 2021 offered provisional admission to new members and signed them into their roll of honour.

Prior to the admission, the club had earlier held both Oral and written interviews for the prospective candidates. The written interview was a test of mathematics and logic; the Oral interview was done before a panel of th Sigma chief and some Sigma alumni.

The interview was held physically on Saturday 24th and virtually on Sunday 25th April for those in a distant location. 45 candidates were admitted into the roll of honor out of 118 applicants. The admitted candidates were found possessing virtues worthy of Sigmite by the Sigma chief.

The induction of these newly admitted members have been slated for second semester due to the Covid19 protocols and restrictions.

The newly admitted members are expected to have integrity, purity and honesty, as these are the legacies of the organization.

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