Smashing the Jinx of Accommodation Struggles; Our concern

Musbau Sulaimon and Waleeyah Olalekan


'Home sweet home' is what we use in expressing how nice it is to be in our own home. That a farmer does not work hard to the extent that he forgets to go back to his abode. How do we feel at home while in school? That we feel like sleeping on a comfy bed, cooking in a fitted kitchen , opening the bathrooms within, and cleaning up comfortably. These are the concerns of MSSN-UI for their amiable sisters.


The society recently provides suitable and befitting accommodation for beloved sisters on campus. As the press arm of the society, we deem it important to look beyond the broadcast.

We met the Ameer of the Society, Brother Ibrahim Obakemi, to shed more light on this new initiative and to know other things related to it. Our correspondents outlined the cogent questions to be noted. Here is the interview with him:

Why catering for students' accommodation? Is it to augment the society's income or there are other reasons?

Ameer: "No, it is not a means to augment the society's income. The society already has ways to generate funds. On the flip side, we are going to be pumping our money into setting up some things in the hostel because the fee is highly subsidized."

Why females alone?

Another important thing we found worthy of exploring was the gender-based nature of the hostel. The accommodation is open for females only. We inquired why it's only for females alone.

Ameer: "Due to the biological and physical make-up of sisters, we decided to make them a priority. Because they are mostly at the end of religious denials. However, there is an initiative on the ground working towards securing accommodation for brothers as well. But in the meantime, the hostel available is for the sisters.

Proximity to school

One major consideration for accommodation by students is the proximity to the campus. We also took it upon ourselves to look into this. Ameer: " Taking a bus, it is not more than 15 to 20 minutes distance. It is located at Ajibode. One question we may want to ask is how far it is from Maternity. It is actually trekkable from Maternity, you just trek down to the hostel for about five minutes. And if you like to take a bike, it is about two minutes' distance in Shaa Allah.

Our Antecedent

Daaru Naheem is a household name in MSSNUI as many Muslim female Students have benefitted from it. What are the reviews you have got from past occupants? Ameer: Well, we have got both negative and positive . "As earlier said that one of the purposes for putting this up is to improve occupants' spiritual and academic well-being. By Allah's doing, we have had hostelites share their testimonies of how staying in the hostel affected their lives for good.

On the not-so-pleasing reviews, how have you worked on them or plan to work on them?

Ameer: "Previously, the hostels were not very conducive. Sisters had to fetch water from well, they had to do with low-standard buildings. Basically, this review is the reason for this new initiative. It is self-contained. The society has never rented a self-contained for students. We are doing this now because we have got reviews from sisters that the hostel was not so conducive. So, we are trying to create an environment that will be very conducive for our sisters".

Structure of the building

Structurally, the hostel comprises 16 self-contained rooms. Each room has its kitchen and bathroom. There are enough spaces for study. The floors are tiled and there is water. In short, every facility needed for an average student to live comfortably is present.

For intending occupants, the following contacts can be reached out to for further information:

Official MSSN line: 08035810941

Social and welfare secretary: +234 816 874 9791.


The rent is N75,000/ bed space.  

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