Take Responsibility for Confirmed Covid-19 Cases - UI Management to University Community

Atanda Safiu Clinton

The Management Board of the University of Ibadan has informed the University Community in regard to the responses they needed to take should there be any confirmed case of Covid-19 infection.

This was made known on August 29, 2021 by the school management in a Special Release Bulletin of the school signed by the school registrar, Olubunmi O. Faluyi, MCIPM with the title “Mandatory immediate Unit/Departmental Response to Covid-19 Cases”.

Unit/Departmental Task Force should decontaminate the affected premises. Hence, there is the need to set up such a Force at the Unit/Departmental level and equip it with basic materials
for decontamination (Knapsack Sprayer, 60-70% ethanol, 0.05litres of NaOCI in 4Litres of water. A16-litre knapsack sprayer requires 200ml NaOCI which can spray 4 rooms of 12 by 12

Exposed persons should self-isolate, should NOT interact with the general populace, and seek testing within 5 days;

The Unit/Department should notify the COVID-19 Central Task Force of any further actions as may be necessary;

The Unit/Department should take responsibility for assisting and ensuring the infected persons adhere to the set guidelines; and

Everyone should take responsibility.

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