Fostering The Spirit of Sisterhood: Demo from UI Muslim sisters

Waleeyah Olalekan
In a bid to promote a sense of common sisterhood as enjoined by Islam, MSSN-UI has three crucial programmes designed for her Muslim sisters. These programmes are Sisters’ Circle, Sisters’ Day Out, and Sisters’ Seminar.
Sisters’ Seminar is an annual programme where sisters from different schools come together to learn about relationship talk, theme topics, health issues, and other emerging contemporary issues  through inspiring addresses by different lecturers. A committee is always inaugurated for the program ranging from Chairperson, Secretary, Publicity Head, Financial Head, Welfare, and all. This programme comes up every session, in the second semester.
Sisters’ Circle is organised by the Executive of the Society where a particular topic is chosen to be talked about by different lecturers fortnightly (Sunday) as they relate to the lives of Muslim sisters.
The third is Sisters’ Day Out which also comes once in a session but at the beginning of the first semester. A few weeks back, MSSN-UI held her Sisters’ Day Out on the 13th of November, 2022. The programme was held at Botanical Garden at the University of Ibadan with activities ranging from DIY, theme discussion, Games, Quiz competition, Fastest fingers, and food. To understand more about the program, Adh-Dhikr Press had a brief conversation with The Public Relations Officer II of the Society, Salma Akinloye who spoke further on what we need to know.
“Sisters’ Day Out is a programme that has been in existence for a long time. It has a great impact on sisters in terms of increasing in Deen, meeting new sisters, and knowing about things they don’t know before. Sisters get to have fun and ease the stress of the semester. They will also listen to lectures where we will be having relationship talks and theme discussions. This will not just help sisters alone, the impact also extends to MSSN-UI as a whole as it helps the society to bring people together under the same umbrella just to encourage brotherhood.”
However, it is pertinent to mention the challenges that the Committee of Sisters’ Circle encounters relating to sisters. Salmah said,  “we had different challenges talking to sisters about the programme and some sisters gave negative responses about their interests. We cannot just organize this program and attend alone; it is meant for sisters.”
Finally, all our events aim to ensure that it  gets to every household, village, town, and city just to ensure that the message reaches the intended audience. And most importantly, sinks into people’s minds, bodies, and souls. These are what we aim to achieve together with our fellow sisters and hopefully, we are reunited in Jannah bi idhniLlah. Always remember that MSSN-UI loves you.

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