My knight in Shining Armour

Sumayyah Shakirullah
My knight in shining armour
Did you just say your knight in shining armour?
Definitely yes! Grab popcorn and a soft drink as I narrate to you my encounter with my knight in shining armor. Cliche right?
It so happened that I had to deliver a package to someone at Preboye around 6 am. Due to the urgency of the delivery, I left my house a few minutes before six to meet up.
Agbowo being 'Agbowo', my heart was in my mouth for leaving the house at that time but I had no choice. So on my way there, I was just reciting different prayers ranging from ayatul kursiyy to random dhikr.
As soon as I was able to deliver the package, I was relieved and at ease. On my way back home, I was walking casually with no care at all, I even noticed a young guy walking behind me but I didn't think anything of it. I just continued walking.
As I round the corner that leads to my house, I felt someone grab me from behind, I screamed 'audhu billahi Minna shaytani rajim'. It was the guy I noticed earlier on, he released me immediately and ran away as there was light and few people there.
My leg almost gave up on me as two scenarios ran through my mind. First, maybe he wants to rob me but I'm not with anything. Second, maybe he wants to kidnap me. God forbid!
Well, you might still be wondering who my knight in shining armor is. It is... my prayers! What would have happened assuming I didn't pray? Will I still be here to tell this tale? Only Allah knows.
Our prayer is very essential as Muslims. With the situation of our country - kidnappers, bandits, fraudsters, economic recession, etc. - we should be mindful of our prayers in anything we want to do. 
The prophet (SAW) said that prayers are the sword of a believer and this saying is very true as you just learned from how my knight in shining armor saved me - a princess in distress.

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