You Can Still Be At The Front Line!

Waleeyah Olalekan
You Can Still Be At The Front Line!
Dear students, it is no more news that we are back to the system again and there is no more ranting about "how I wan do am, these assignments are too much, my classes are back to back, everything just choke…" That is what I love you all for; you adapt easily. Cheers! 
Objects in the mirror, they say, are closer than they appear but, do not fret that it is that time of the semester again. The time when KDL would receive its huge numbers of visitors, when exam scripts would be brought for students on a sick bed at Jaja, and the time when LLTs will be full of screaming crowds. On this note, I have come up with a few tips you should know before going to that exam room.
Shut down extracurricular works
It is always good to be a versatile student by venturing into what you love doing apart from academics but, do not engage in them at the detriment of your main goal on campus. Be it tech, public speaking, writing, or anything you love doing, keep them in a safe place till you are back and face your school books squarely.
Look away from distractions
As humans, we are distracted in different ways and the best person that can tell you what distracts you is yourself. Distractions might be love for cooking, hangout, relationships, peer pressure, societal expectations, home factor, or even extracurricular work as stated earlier. Try your best to identify yours and stay away from them.
Have a defined note
This might be more tilted towards students who are into writing essays and everything therein but, it doesn't erase the fact that students who calculate or do less writing should not neglect it. Having a definite and understanding note of each course would help you to be organized and focused while reading.
Revise what you have read
As you are reading extensively for several hours, be revise them even though there is no limit to what you can accumulate in your brain. The continuous revision would reassure you of how far you have covered and the areas you need to work on.
DiscuSS intellectually with peers
Although we have variants of opinion when it comes to group discussion. While some people prefer and enjoy their spaces, some need to hear from others and learn from them. This is not to say that one is better than the others. Group discussion is like discussing what you have read by yourself with your friends; indirectly teaching them to know whether you truly know it or not. 
Ask for help
It is the truth that some sets of people have been in your present class before and they most likely would be in the best position to seek their help in terms of exam questions, areas of concentration, and their encounters with lecturers amongst others.
Scout for past questions
Past questions would be a great avenue for you to test your knowledge. Do well to get past questions and practice them. If time permits, it would be encouraged that you give your answers to senior colleagues for verification and explanation.
It is good to be confident but do not be overconfident and forget the fact that you are a pencil in the hands of the Creator. You have read and done the needful, hold on to God tightly, and be not derailed.
Take care of yourself
I would love to leave you with the three pieces of advice every student is given in GES 107(Sexually transmitted infections…) eat well, sleep well and love carefully. Also, take a break at intervals to relax when you're reading.
Parting words: If you are the type who started reading right from the onset, good for you, May the Lord see you through. If we are in the same shoes of just starting to write notes and gathering the details, the Lord is our strength. He eased it for us in the past, and this time and the ones to come wouldn't be exceptions by His grace. See you at the top!

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