Dear Freshmen,

Waleeyah Olalekan

Dear Freshmen,

I see you in the space of eagerness
In the field of a new version of scenario
To and fro unfamiliar chores
In the circle of new life
While you might feel the fear
Of the unknown

Dear Freshmen!
You may want to sigh so deeply
To mingle with new being, having
A lonely deep thinking
Life is tough!
Life is sweet!

Dear Freshmen!
This new world is weird but worth
Commendable and yearning for
No need for hey! You!
Go, come, sit, this and that
But beware!

Dear Freshmen!
Beware of
The miscreants
Beguiling Electeuromanaic
And those that could not rightly sit for your glory

Dear Freshmen!
No sitting without speaking up
Let your mind reiterate the background of your entrance
That it may be blissful is what we advocate for
Let's work jointly to make it be

In the end
We will all be glad
We pray!

NB: Dedicated to all UI freshmen working with conscious efforts to attain their spheres of balances.

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