The Prank

Waleeyah Olalekan

My mum called me all alone in the secret of darkness when almost all the creatures were dead. The moment distraction flies away for only me to stay awake. She said, "My daughter!"

Then fear grew in me because this was strange. Nabilah!

She called my name… then she continued. "I had a conversation with your father yesterday and we both agreed you would be married to Ibrahim, the son of my father's childhood friend next Month."

I only thought my mum was kidding until she gave me the ultimatum of two days to give her affirming response.

What would I do? I kept asking myself. She left me alone and went to her room.

Yeh! Hey! I kept sighing… Sabur had always been on my mind. We loved and adored each other and we promise to be each other's backbone come till the end of our life. What would I do? Of course, my parents were Muslim and wanted all their children to be educated. The reason for this sudden change was what I did not know. Was it because I was their only daughter? Or because I was the last child?

I called Sabur the following day. He was so shocked and devastated. "Nabilah why? Do you want me to become a living dead? You know I can't live without you. You are my everything." I burst into tears. I couldn't do anything without my parent's consent.

He brought a suggestion and he whispered, "should we elope? To a place where no one would know us. I will take up a well-paid job and we will live comfortably fine". I was scared. Like something confident grew in me. My parents had started preparing for my wedding and I had no objection to it. Greetings and well wishes were coming and I received them with smiles.

Well, what I would do was in my mind unrevealed to anyone except to Sabur. Around 6 pm on Friday, a day to my wedding. I sneakingly walked through the backyard and left the house with just a piece of luggage. Unknown to me, one of my father's friends, Mr. Abdurrazaq was watching the process until I got to the description Sabur gave me. I hugged him and we started our journey to Abuja.

Suddenly, I heard my name. Mr. Abdurrazaq traced us to a place where we could have the opportunity to converse. "Hmm… Nabilah! Why did you do this? I know you weren't happy with your parent's decision, but you could ask them. Do you know the implications of what you were about to do? Firstly, you engage in a relationship that your Lord doesn't consent to. Secondly you want to go away living with your parents and ones dejected. This kind of attitude is not befitting for a Muslimah. Your Lord has created you to be His vicegerent. Have you fulfilled that purpose of existence?"

No. I replied you. 

"want You want to go away with a man. A man that will later abandabandon and chase another beautiful woman. My dear, you need to go back home and apologize to your parents. You never knew how worried everyone was since you had left home. They loved you and want the best for you. So, you need to ask them why they made such a decision so that you will know what action to take. Eloping with a man is not the best option…"

These words of my father's friend got me and I went back home regretfully. I apologized to my parents for my wrong decision. My mum was so happy to see me again, she looked so very troubled within five hours. Unknown to me, my parents told me it was a prank. The preparation was for my brother Idris coming from abroad. They were expecting me to put on reactions but to their surprise, I didn't.

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