Why Does the Master Call it Practice?

Waleeyah Olalekan

Indeed, I am putting my best

When I thought I have seen it all


When I feel I have known it all

You probably have no skull

To input my devices with yours and process


The intrinsic nature leads to

The flamboyant inner rude thinking

It is the work of my doing

But I do hear a sage in the past

Which flows directly some times in me

That little would I know the beauty of Others

Until I taste the unending sweetness of its part


The part constituted in the whole

Might not have burst into muse

If not for the examination of the ranker

Who initially has seen that

Which I just meet Isn't it better I heed?

Or simply embrace the fashion of

Satire that births in perfection yet instill

In the spirit of peculiarity and

Cross examination, but alas!

Wide up the gap of obstruction and mingle

With the payment of high esteem.

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