Waleeyah Olalekan
Some guidelines are provided by the school management for physical appearance of students on campus. These guidelines are protocols for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Waleeyah Olalekan, a campus journalist, decided to seek students' opinions on the proper enforcement of these protocols by the management and the dispositions of the students to it.
"It depends on the individuals. Some people in the school are actually enforcing the COVID-19 protocol properly as it should be. But, then, the students in their parts are not doing the proper thing, most of the students. They feel they are being forced to do it. On the average level, people are not doing, so it's more like there is no protocol."
Aisha Lamidi.
Human Nutrition and Dietetics.
"The COVID-19 protocols are not being properly enforced and I think everyone knows this unless we are deceiving one another.
You'll see people not wearing facemask from afar and then put it on at the gate where the security officer will surely not allow anyone in without it. If you're not with it, you'll have no choice but to go back to get it. However, once you get in, you'll find most people all around without it. Even those that entered with it would most time remove it immediately after entering. Where then is the enforcement?
Once, I was at the central carpark and heard a man telling a driver to use his facemask or pay a fine of #5000 or #10,000. He said it was the school's directive. The driver had no choice but to use it. I think it's only some part of the school that adhere to the protocols. A lot of people don't. If there is proper enforcement, many, if not all will adhere strictly."
Abubakar Kawthar Damilola
Agronomy, 100 Level
"I think it has improved drastically recently, the taxi drivers now make sure no one enter their vehicles without the nose masks. That's a very big step as it will reduce transmission of the virus drastically.
However I think there need to be more stands for washing hands and touch free dispensers both for soaps and sanitizer should be installed.
Olawole Anat Olaitan
"The protocols laid down by the NCDC are properly enforced in so many ways. Examples are; compulsory use of face mask in classes, cabs ,before entering hostels and before entering into the campus itself."
Bakre khadijah Temitope 
"COVID-19 cases recently have been on  the increase and this has directly or indirectly instill a sense of precautionary measures on every sane resident in country.  Schools and organizations have because of this enforced protocols in order to reduce the spread of the virus, however, the ineffectiveness of these protocols occur because of two major factors out of which one is even more major than the other. The major factor out of these two factors is the main focus of the question which is *improper enforcement of these protocols* and the other is the lackadaisical attitudes of the residents.
University of Ibadan as a case study, the enforcement of the COVID-19 protocols has not been properly done in any way and has contributed positively to the spread of this dangerous virus and definitely has not fulfilled the reason why the protocols were enforced at first. Starting from the entrance gates, where the security man only permits entrance to people using their face mask even if not properly but ignore people who have entered the gate and remove the face mask. This is even fair at the first gate and worse at the second gate. This same scenarios occur at the entrances to the halls of residence. The one-meter distance is not even exercised at all and overcrowing has been noticed in places like the sport centres, classrooms, religious places..... these are some of the many improper ways these protocols have been enforced."
RUFAI Abdulwasii Oladimeji
500L, Mechanical engineering
"Well, from my opinion the institution administration has tried from their own ends. Making the use of nose masks as compulsory requirement to enter the school, provision of washing hand basins at almost all the halls of residence and others.However, I believe that personal caution will be most effective.
Olaosebikan Fawaz
500L, Mechanical engineering.
"In some places, yes. They are few though. In Awo hall, you can't leave or enter the hall without your nose masks. You also can't enter without washing your hands. In other places however, it is not as strict. At the first gate, you can enter without nose masks sometimes while it's not enforced at all at the other gates. In classes too, it's common to see students disregard  social distancing and other COVID-19 protocols. It's as if they do not believe the virus can do them any harm."
Khadijah Ọlájùmọ̀kẹ́ Kọ́lápọ̀, Civil Engineering, 500l

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