How do you eat your bread and tea?

Fātimah Ajanaku
We decided to do this at Adh-Dhikr Press: After our correspondent paid a visit to one of the Students' Leaders who admitted he would have liked to dip bread in tea but chose otherwise. Our correspondent wondered if it was his way of abiding with  official etiquettes and if that was just one of the plethora forms of prices which accompanied wearing the crown. 
May Allāh bless our endeavors. Amīn
Here is a member of the Adh-Dhikr press crew, I have a question for vox Populi and will like to hear and publish your views.
JazaakumuLlahu khayraa

How do you eat your bread and tea?
 "I take a bite of the bread and sip the tea subsequently till I finish (but the thing hard small). The urge to dip the bread in the tea...."
    Jamiu Zeenat Opeyemi

 "I have two styles of eating bread and tea: the first one is when I'm in public and second one is when I'm alone or with my family and friends in the house.
When I'm in public, I eat bread separately and sip the tea when the bread is 'chocking'. When I'm alone or home, my style of eating bread and tea varies but I have the opportunity of dipping bread inside tea, which I mostly do." 

 "Take a mouthful of bread and take the tea after each bite."
(Maryam, Law, 300 Level)

"I eat my bread and tea by dabbing the bread into the tea. But,if I happen to be in public, I eat my bread first then drink my tea. However, I practice the former more."
(Mordhiyya, Combined law, 100L, University of Ilorin)

"Wa alaykum salaam warahmatullah wabarakatuhu. I eat the bread then drink the tea."
(Sakeenah Abdurrahman, Law, 200 Level )

"I take tea first and then eat bread or vice versa. I don't dip it in it"

(Khadijah Alade, Law, 300 Level)

How do you eat your bread and tea? 

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