Vox Pop: What significance does the prize awarded to you by MSSN-UI have in you and what would you like to call the attention of the Society to on it?

Waleeyah Olalekan and AbdulYekeen Barakat
Every act of resilience and striving indeed deserves utmost recognition for encouragement and to serve as inspiration for incoming generations. Thus, MSSN-UI deemed it fit to reward Muslim students who are thriving excellently in their respective fields of study. Adh-Dhikr Press correspondents, through a Vox Pop(Muslimeen), captured the opinions of the awardees on the kind gesture:
When I saw the announcement about the award, it was really interesting and I was really glad about it. I believe it's a good motivation for freshers and returning students in general. It will also help us realize that the fact that we are Muslims doesn't mean we are mediocre. I heard about the prize that was given on Friday but, I couldn't attend because I wasn't around. I like the idea. Someone who doesn't come to MSSN programmes saw it on my status and decided to start coming henceforth. That's nice; it's a nice development. I hope we can continue to do that and even have better prizes for these people in the future to motivate them and also motivate other people.
(OLAOLUWA O. Tawakalt, Department of Psychology, 300 Level)
First of all, I will like to appreciate the gesture. May Almighty Allah continue to bless the MSSN and strengthen our brotherhood. In a world where hard work is losing recognition, it's surprising and motivating that a few like the MSSN still recognises and appreciates one's hard work, thus rewarding one for it. This is an honor, encouragement, and motivation to never relent. I am thankful for the consideration and I pray the Almighty continues to make it easy for us. I will like the society to realize how much our hard work is acknowledged and appreciated and I will like us to strive to do better and of course to always put the Almighty first in everything we do.
(Jamiu Zeenat Opeyemi, Department of Linguistics and African Languages, 200 Level)
To me, the prize serves as a form of incentive and motivation to keep striving to be one of the best, if not the best, in my academics. It will also go a long way in serving as financial assistance. I would just want to implore society to try not to bank on BOL and get real-time information on qualified students from their respective departments. This is to ensure all that who deserve such awards are awarded.
(Agboola Ridwan, Biomedical Laboratory Science (BMLS), 300 Level)
The prize award was a great initiative from MSSN-UI. Apart from the cash token that I received, an award certificate was also given to me for the first time I ever received an award at the university. I was also amazed at the huge number of Muslims on first class too. Allahuma baarik. I believe this initiative will make others aspire to be on first class especially freshers and also those who are there to maintain it.
(Tijani Mubarak, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 200 Level)
The significance of the prize could not be overemphasized and it means a lot to me as it serves as a pusher, driving factor, and motivator to me and some people around me. The priceless prize indoctrinates and instills in me the seal to strive to attain excellence always by doting all i(s) and crossing every t(s) that come my way. So help me God. In response to what I would call the attention of the society to on it, the prize was earned by me not because I am one of the best. I am even far from being ONE. Rather I earned it because I strived to be one of the.. and Allah bestowed on me a super unique grace and mercy. Not mincing words, we should stick to and uphold the popular formula of WORK and PRAY in all we do. Do remember that for a prize to be won, a price must be paid. Pay the price and forge ahead to win the prize.
(Olanrewaju Basit Olatunde, Faculty of Law, 200 Level)
It's very nice and I am really impressed because many students were being awarded. This has just been a boost for me as it is for others. I wouldn't want to stop collecting, I wouldn't want to let myself down and I will insha ALLAH strive to maintain my CGPA
(Adeyemi Fawaz; Agric extension, 200l)
Concerning the prize and certificates, I’m proud to be a member of this society and I feel enthusiastic whenever people appreciate my success/excellence. This pushes me to do more as I feel that should also be a motivation for freshers -getting rewards for excelling. 
I also want to appreciate the MSSN-UI for keeping to this for years because I’ve learnt about this award and certificate since 2017 while I was seeking admission.
(Alimi Mubarak Medicine and Surgery, 200l)
Walaykum Salam warahmatullah wabarakatu.
I must say I was encouraged by that gesture shown by MSSN to students. It served as a wake-up call to do better and not give up. I would urge the society to emulate MSSN-UI in celebrating great minds because that act is worthy of emulation.
(Jumah Neemot; Physiology, 300l)
We give thanks to Allāh for it is by his wish that I'm able to be part of the honoured people. I felt really honoured for being rewarded, it's of no doubt that hard work really pays. I felt a need to keep getting such award and prize, I felt there are more opportunities to come by being consistent. What I would like to call the attention of the world to is whatever you are doing, make sure you to do it well. For anything worth doing, is worth doing well. There's always a reward for hard work- it might be early or late, but there will surely be a reward for it.
 (Olasunkanmi Mubarak Petroleum Engineering, 200l)
Prizes make us feel good. They acknowledge the job we've done well and justify the hard work that has gone into winning them. 
We ask Allah to bless the organisers and bless it for the awardees. Ameen.

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