Contemporary Matters

May SDC never invite you!

Virtually everyone knows that students wear gowns during matriculation and graduation from the university. But, I doubt if anyone knows that it is possible to still wear this same gown by stale students - who are neither matriculating nor graduating. When I say stale students, 100level students who have sat for examination are inclusive. At least, our elders say: a day-buried corpse is no longer a stranger in the grave.

A Clarion Call: Emancipation of the Uncelebrated Gender

Sometimes around 2012, while the rest of the world was at peace, Marie Colvin was taking extreme risks to report the news of horror, of children, women and men who were besieged at Baba Amr area of Homs in Syria.
Maria, who wore an eye-patch for the rest of her life after she lost an eye to a rocket-propelled grenade in a Sri Lankan war, would later meet her death in the very same Homs, among the people whose voices were mellowed by the agonies of war and whose stories she was in quest to help tell and change.

Bleak World

A month ago, anyone in my home could predict my routine; wake up, pray and retire to my phone before breakfast time. The routine suited me well and the predictability of my life was not as boring as it may seem. The ritual changed on 999 when I first saw a thumbnail of a man kneeling on another man’s neck. The decision to click the play button would change a lot of things I did not knowtoexist then. I watched with sleep in my eyes as George Floyd moaned through the final moments of his life.