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Contemporary Matters


There is a term that is gaining cognizance these days and it is no more an uncommon to hear the term; “the MSSN of yesterday”. It has manifested in many ways, and speeches like “awon brother tiana”, “MSSN of then” etc are the order of the day.


I can still vividly remember the first advice I got in the University of Ibadan after the series of “remember the son of who you are” from parents and relatives. It was my first day in the University of Ibadan to resume fully as an undergraduate, I came with my luggage and baggage but commercial cars with which I came were not allowed to enter the school area so I had to take a drop to my hall, the great Nnamdi Azikiwe hall.


_We do not want to see you at the level of Students’ Disciplinary Committee_ – *Deputy-Vice Chancellor Academic warns the newly admitted Muslim students against bad character*.

Session with the Ameer
Author: Olayiwola Toyeeb
Category: NEWS

An interview from the Ameer regarding the rural Daw'ah.

Author: ODUOLA A.O
Category: Poesy

Love me, not for my beauty
Love me for Allah's sake so as not to be guilty

Scold me, not because you want to be bossy
Scold me, to become a beneficiary of Allah's mercy

Preposition Collocations
Author: AdhDhikr Press
Category: GraspYourGrammarMonday

Prepositions, unarguably, cause a great deal of confusion because they can be so tricky. Just like words collocate, prepositions can collate with nouns, verbs and adjectives (collocation means the use of certain words together).

Every Step I Take, With Pride
Author: Fashina Rasheedah T.
Category: Poesy

Every step I take, with pride
Confidence is all the sight as I stride
They fathom not, my beauty I hide
Curiosity catches the soul to picture underneath
My foreign disguise makes them wonder
Then they strike like a thunder

Author: Jumha Mujeeb
Category: Opinion

The 21st century is ruled by spontaneous changes which need spontaneous adjustments to keep up with it. It is what is described as the law of creative destruction.

Calling For The Smothering Of A Health Assailant In Ambush
Author: Yusuf ‘Uthman Akintola
Category: Opinion

Perhaps, it is my sense organs that have always been stubborn or somewhat meddlesome or, probably, it has been the unruly stench that has always unwaveringly branched its way into my nose’s centre for smells.