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Contemporary Matters


There is a term that is gaining cognizance these days and it is no more an uncommon to hear the term; “the MSSN of yesterday”. It has manifested in many ways, and speeches like “awon brother tiana”, “MSSN of then” etc are the order of the day.


I can still vividly remember the first advice I got in the University of Ibadan after the series of “remember the son of who you are” from parents and relatives. It was my first day in the University of Ibadan to resume fully as an undergraduate, I came with my luggage and baggage but commercial cars with which I came were not allowed to enter the school area so I had to take a drop to my hall, the great Nnamdi Azikiwe hall.


Connecting Ships, Ports And People.
Author: Asudemade HabeebulLah
Category: Opinion

What you are about to read is the entry of ASUDEMADE HABEEBULLAH which earned him the second runner-up appellation at the 2017 Maritime Day/NIMASA Essay Competition Award ceremony held at Eko Hotels and Suites.

Craving For Jannah
Author: ODUOLA A.O
Category: Poesy

Say: Kul huwwa llohu ahad
All other believes should then be discard

Alhamdullillah we are Muslims
To the astray world, we are not victims
We believe not but only in Islamic monotheism
Despite the presence of many practicing polytheism

A Trackless Train
Author: AbdulQuadree
Category: Poesy

Come to me;
I will give you a mean;
In my father’s means;
In a bid to get a mean;
The fellow is missed;
And that is the common mean;
By which my brother is missing;
He is a trackless train!

Emotional Afro
Author: AbdulQuadree
Category: Poesy

The sky is without its precious halogen,
The site is becoming a dangerous pathogen,
And the hope of getting the youngest old lady’s stories is wallowing.

The Criterion
Author: Abu Nâsir, Malik O. Malik
Category: Poesy

I've searched like a Knight-
errant; wandering all day and night,
for the Manifest Light1
which will guide2 me aright.

Until I found you, O! Fountain
of knowledge, who would humble a mountain 3
Thou art
the medicine4 of the heart.

Author: Mojoyinola AbdulHafeez
Category: GraspYourGrammarMonday

Very similar they both are; but there is thin line that separates the two words.
Sometime – as an adverb (not comparable) means at an unstated or indefinite time in the future.

The summit which was held at the John Paul II centre, University of Ibadan on the 25th October, 2017 on the topic: Opportunity for Youth Development and Growth in a Shrinking Economic Space.