The True Secret of Love

I often wonder why some people are very devoted and subservient to Allah while others are not. Stories of companions and righteous people always amaze me.  Some of them read the whole Quran in a day, some stood in Salah for the whole night and some donated all of their worldly wealth. You'd even wonder if these are the same people we're contending Al Jannah with. 

The Search for the One True God

He was a famous companion born in the land of people who worship one other than Allaah SWT. This is the land of the people of Persia, they are fire-worshippers i.e majuusiyyun. His father was chief among his people. He is no other one than Salmaan Alfaarisiy, "the father of scriptures" as he was called by Sayyidinaa 'Umaar bn Alkhattab(Al faaruq) and he was also called "Luqmaan the wise" by Sayyidinaa 'Ali bn Abi Taalib (may Allaah be pleased with both of them) due to his knowledge of the Qur'an and the scriptures of the people of the book.


On four different occasions and in three different locations, I saw the way these four women battled for survival under the scorching sun of Olúyòlé city. They were all dressed in protective garments. One was selling groundnut (èpàyíyán) from one motor park to another ; another was inhaling the smoke oozing out of a locally made fire burner, since she's an apprentice to one puff-puff seller, while another one was busy forcefully cutting pieces of meat to be sold to her customers. The last woman was selling mirrors which I doubt will be valued at #1,000 in all. Why bringing up this issue?