MSSNUI: 2022 at a Glance

Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria, University of Ibadan branch– a thriving community of individuals who come together to celebrate their faith and make a positive impact on their campus and beyond– hosts a range of events that cater for the spiritual, social, and academic needs of her members in 2022. From tutorials to weekly spiritual sessions and charity drives, the society provides a safe and supportive space for students to connect and grow in their faith.

Surviving as the Grass beneath the Fighting Elephants

When elephants fight, it is the grass beneath that suffers. This is an African proverb, meaning that the weak get hurt in conflicts between the powerful. This proverb refers to the crash of two large forces of power in disagreement, usually end up hurting innocent and powerless people, leaving them victimized by the circumstance.

Editorial: The Goals we might have Forgotten

At first, the information of the resumption date seemed like a stillborn which wouldn’t come to life, eventually. It later transformed into hearsays from one quarter of the institution to the other and finally, the highest decision-making body of the University affirmed the date and the reality dawned on us- the school resumed on the 31st day of January, 2022. Over the years, the University of Ibadan wasn’t known for this earlier-than-required resumption.

May the Best Candidates Win!

While he was alive, Abraham Lincoln believed that the ballot is stronger than the bullet. He understood the power of voting and was a great advocate for active participation. Again, the students of the University of Ibadan decide on the leadership of their Students' Union, soon. It is a battle that is going to be fought in the halls of residence and faculties with gladiators and political actors bringing every act in the arsenal to outsmart one another.

Where Peace Begins

Inasmuch as we can ensure the validity and sincerity of our intentions, criticism is one of the essentials that facilitate progress towards the ideal. On many occasions, it is employed to unearth the truth and curtail the excess of some people. Thus, to ensure the criticism is objective, it must not be prompted by detestation, emotions, , whims, and caprices. And, for it to be employed, fairness, respect, and mindfulness must be maintained.

Now That the Time is Nigh

After the indefinite suspension of Students' Union activities on May 30, 2017, following a protest that was led by Ojo Aderemi, we all hoped it was resuscitated. All efforts were made for it to come back to life, once again. It came, and, voila, we were back in the days of hope. The new development elicited cheers from us; again, we witnessed the continuity of the aluta and the victory was ascertained.


It is yet again that news we all dread but secretly look forward to. The Academic Staff Union of Nigeria (ASUU) has begun the never-ending threat of a strike if the government does not answer their demands. This editorial is not to take the sides of either the Union or the Government but the neglected and maybe, indifferent victims in this scenario; we, the students.

How to be safe from the 'toxicity' of MSSN on Campus

How well should the contemporary forms of “religious organisation” and the link between youth exuberance and religion be explained? How can we bury our whims and caprices for the development of Islam? In what ways can our emotions be subservient to the sincerity of our intentions? How detrimental are these to us, as Muslims, and to Islam, as a religion?