From the Minbar

On Sins and Forgiveness


While we await the Chief Imam to mount the Minbar and deliver another sermon, it would be good to get a glimpse of the last edition.

Of the golden gens, the grand Imam, Professor Abdulrahman Oloyede, made a focal in the Khutbah is the essence of seeking forgiveness before Ramadhan.

He also made it a point to sermonise the august congregation that the partisans of Allah, the pious predecessors were those who fled from sin and never neared Allah's prohibition, no matter how minor.

Masjid and its Proximity to Our Hearts

I seek refuge in the Lord of the Day Break from the evil of what He created. In the name of Allah, The One Who blesses all, and The One Who is selected in His blessings. The Peace and Blessings of Allah bestow on the Noble Prophet Muhammad, his companions, his household, and those who follow his path until the Day of Reckoning. Then after:

This Day of Gathering

I seek asylum from Shaytaan and his forces, in 'The One who nurtures'; start in the reputation of Allah, The One who blesses all, and The One who is selected in His blessings. All Praises and Greetings belong to Allah- Sustainer of all the Worlds. And the Blessings and Peace of Allāh bestow on the Messenger of Allah, The Best of Mankind, Muhammad, the son of Abdullāh; and to his households, his companions, and to those who follow his pathway until the Doomsday. Then after:

Assalamu alaikum warohmatulõhi wabarokãtuh!

From the Minbar of Umar Bn Khattab

In the name of Allah, I begin, and I seek refuge from Shaytaan and his troops, in the Lord, the King, and the God of mankind- the One who blesses all, and the One, who is selected in His blessings, from the evil of what He created. All Praises and Greetings belong to Allah; and unto the Holy Prophet, the Prophet's Companions, households, and those who follow his path, His (Allah's) Blessings, and Peace.

Sha'aban: Ramadan's Curtain Raiser

Few minutes after the Adhan(call to prayer) had rattled the crest and trough of the edifice (Mosque), The Imam, Prof Abdul Rahman Oloyede, as to his custom, was ready to benefit the faithfuls with his weekly spiritual diet; one which centres around Sha'aban and the fast rate at which Islam is growing across the globe.

Prior to opening ground for the discuss, his eminence gave adorations to the lord of the worlds and subsequently sought salutations on Allah's honourable apostle.

Rekindling the lost glory of the Womenfolk; The Islamic Catholicon


Customary to our weekly publication, the golden sermon from the Mimbar took another dimension as the chief Imam, Professor AburRahman Oloyede, on Friday, the 12th of March, ascended the Podium at exactly 1pm to deliver the lecture which centered around the Womenfolk in relation to the United Nations declaration of Women day's celebration on Monday , the 8th of March 2021.

The Significance of Rajab:Solat and the gift of ascension.

The Jumah service was led by the Chief Imam of University of Ibadan Central Mosque, Professor AbdurRahman Oloyede on Friday, 22nd of Rajab, 1442 AH; equivalent to 5th of March, 2021.

 The chief Imam ascends the Mimbar(podium) to deliver another mind-blowing edition of weekly sermon, where he centered the discuss around  The significance of the sacred month of Rajab and the iconic incidence wrapped around the five daily Salawaat (prayers).