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It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you back to the Campus following the suspension of the national strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU). Although the university was not closed down formally while the strike lasted, the reality is that no teaching was carried out over these many weeks.

2. Kindly avail yourself of the revised academic calendar for the remaining part of the 2017/2018 Session. This is available on the home page of the university web site (

3. In particular, I wish to remind you that there are just three weeks before the commencement of your Second Semester Examinations. I implore you to make a productive use of your quality time without any further delay. Examinations will start on Monday, 11th March 2019.

4. As you would expect the examination scripts would have to be graded and the results collated at the both the Departmental and Faculty levels. The Board of Examiners will have to meet before the results can be considered by Senate. None of these stages can be abridged in a World-Class University such as ours that is committed to quality assurance.

5. The processes outlined above have to be carried out meticulously and do take time. Consequently, the 2017/2018 Session can only be concluded by the third week of May.

6. I have received numerous Whatsapp messages from the newly admitted students inquiring about the date for their resumption. I can appreciate your eagerness to enroll at Nigeria's premier University which is also rated the Number 1 University in West Africa.

7. While we are not unmindful of the need to make up for the precious time already lost, the reality is that we have to be practical and endeavour to implement what is feasible in the circumstance that we find ourselves.

8. I implore all our students to cooperate with the Management so that the current session can be concluded without any further disruption. That way, the 2018/2019 Session can commence on 1st June 2019; that would be some eight months behind the normal schedule that this University used to experience up until the late 1980s.

9. While you were away, efforts were made to upgrade the state of facilities in your Hall of Residence. As you will observe for yourselves, this is still work in progress.

10. A fortnight ago, I had the privilege to inaugurate a Task Force to oversee the rehabilitation projects in all our 12 Halls of Residence, with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration), Prof Kayode Adebowale, as the Chairman and Convener. I am very optimistic that the rehabilitation will continue unabated and to the satisfaction of you the residents of the Halls as the end-users.

11. As a Management, we have a responsibility to justify the well thought-out increment in hall accommodation fees at the beginning of the current session.

12. There is a newly built Chat room for your use at the Kenneth Dike Library. This would afford you opportunity for relaxation while you study. I thank the University Librarian, Dr Helen Komolafe-Opadeji, and her Management, for this initiative.

13. This facility is in addition to the 24 hour Reading Room whose seating capacity has been doubled to about 500 users at a time.

14. With the cooperation of the entire student body, I look forward to a successful completion of the remaining part of the 2017/2018 Session. This is the only way by which your siblings and friends who sat for and passed the highly competitive Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) and the very rigorous UI Post-UTME last year can join this academic community. It is the only way by which those of you are not in your final year of study can progress to the next level of study. Moreover, it is the only way our final year students can exit the university and move on with their lives -National Youth Service, Law School, Housemanship or Internship as applicable.

15. I trust that those of you who have Permanent Voters Cards and registered on Campus will exercise your civic responsibilities on Saturday, 16th February 2019, by voting for candidates of your choice.

16. Again, welcome back.

Idowu Olayinka
University of Ibadan

Thursday, 14th February 2019

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Author: -BABALOLA Khadeejah
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You need not listen,

just pay rapt attention

It is a genuine story,

fake  within and without


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 She joins the league of the multifaceted

 Bearing Toyyiba among pious brethren

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The chief Imam of the University of Ibadan central mosque, professor Abdul Rahmon Oloyede on Friday, 25th of January 2019 during Jumah service called on Muslims to be wary of Allah's boundary as Allah himself referred to divorce as his boundary in Quran 65:1 where he said ...and these

Author: OLAYIWOLA Toheeb
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While delivering the Friday sermon at the University of Ibadan central mosque, The chief Imam- Professor Abdul Rahman Oloyede explicitly conveyed the last message of prophet Muhammad (SAW). He emphasized on the importance of trust (Amanah) and identified its absence as the sire of the major problems in the society. He gave instances of those who are entrusted

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UIMSSN Brotherhood organized a sensitization cum commendation program themed "Be Firm" for young hijabis with emphasis on ISI hijabis on the 16th December, 2018 at the Bodija Estate Islamic centre.
In attendance were ......