Response to the Unanswered Question!

At the end of the Weekly Da'awah Enlightenment programme of MSSNUI which held on Tuesday, a question was thrown at the guest lecturer, but to the consternation of the sister and her cliques who asked the question, the lecturer left the question unanswered. As if that was not enough, neither the lecturer nor the moderators gave the reason why the question was not answered. This calls for concern for critical minds, right?


Meditating in the Cave of Hira, Prophet Muhammad received the Angel of Allah, Jubril who asked him to read. Muhammad was surprised and did not understand what he was asked to do, for he could neither read nor write - an illiterate. Jubril charged him again to read, he did not until the third time. Without having any fore- knowledge, without attending any school, Muhammad received the light from Allah (SWT) and he began reading. This birthed the first verses of the holy Qur'an (96vs 1-6). The verses unveiled the darkness in Prophet's eyes.


The 21st century is ruled by spontaneous changes which need spontaneous adjustments to keep up with it. It is what is described as the law of creative destruction. This is the situation where a carpenter, engineer, banker or any professional routine of executing his/her work could be deconstructed and restructured by an unforeseen innovation. The innovation has not come to destroy anything but has come to improve the way such professions are executed.

Calling For The Smothering Of A Health Assailant In Ambush

Perhaps, it is my sense organs that have always been stubborn or somewhat meddlesome or, probably, it has been the unruly stench that has always unwaveringly branched its way into my nose’s centre for smells. Being an always open gateway — unlike the mythical impregnable Walls of Owu — through which the health is perniciously punctured, my nose has perpetually got the biggest chunk of the malodour’s sickening cake. Even, the treatment which my eyes are accorded may not at all have been less of the nose’s.

Audit Your Tongue

I was listening to a programme on radio when the anchorman threw a question on air for listeners to answer. The question went thus “sweet most and bitter most in flesh.” A man called and answered, saying “The Tongue.” I immediately asked my mother that why is it so? She said, “don't you know that man uses mouth to beautify things as well uses it to deteriorate things with the aid of the tongue. Tongue has helped many people to become reputable personnel and made others become inutile person.

Westoxification: Saving Islam for its Cankerworms

It is like an exchange of baton in a relay race how the Islamic world, who used to be light for others, particularly Europe, have gained comfort in the backseat of irrelevance, while Europe, their former tutee now sit atop them. They not just sit atop them, they also dictate what their trainer-turned-trainee should do and not do. They have succeeded in infecting the world – more of concern here is the Islamic world – morally, economically, politically, culturally, socially, educationally, and all of these done fantastically.