The 'giant of Africa' is in ‘sifia’ pain

Despite her profound status and fame

Regardless of the continuous rain

Drought in the land continue to kill and maim


The education sector is in shambles

While our future leaders dance shaku shaku

Churning out half-baked graduates

What then are the students' fates?


Primary education is crumbling

Unqualified teachers are teaching

The pupils are not listening

In a dilapidated structure called a building



Slowly and steadily crept the ruthless rat
Not in the night but broad daylight
To sow a seed of discord in my heart
Robbing me of my hard-earned precious might

Looking sideways while in motion
Taking a step or two with caution
His opportunity arrived in a second-fraction
Carting away my mobile with satisfaction

And then do I come like a soldier without arms,
Rubbing my startled face with my palms,
Not believing my fatigued reddened eyes,
Breaking down into crumbles of audible wails


Ladies and gentlemen, breathing or deceased

Let me tell you a story I am ignorant about

You need not listen,

just pay rapt attention

It is a genuine story,

fake  within and without


On a shining day, in the midst of the night

The sun rose late from great west side

With their backs turned,  two men faced each other

Hands dipped in pockets,  they shot each other


A lame man ran to the bloodshed funfair

His numb legs sprinting fast like Usain Bolt's

'O Lord of mercy! Proclaimed a dumb woman


 She wreathes in hypocrisy

 And basks in the realm of lust

 Forgetting the commandments of her creator

 Hiding her Islamic identity

 She joins the league of the multifaceted

 Bearing Toyyiba among pious brethren

 But Tina baby within ‘au courant’ infidels


 Seeing her during the day with her Hijab

 You’d be like ‘’ma sha Allah’’

 Looking so charming and pious

 Brothers would be like ‘’this is take home to Mama’’

 Creating an undoubtful impression

 Of a loyal servant of Allah



Love me, not for my beauty
Love me for Allah's sake so as not to be guilty

Scold me, not because you want to be bossy
Scold me, to become a beneficiary of Allah's mercy

Many a time I wonder for what we compete?
For cloth, for jewelries amongst others or even life in itself complete

The Sohaba are the best of competitors
Not in fawaaaaish (evils) but always to seek Allah's pleasure
Despite the beauty, the knowledge, the wisdom and all of their treasure
They choose only to compete for Allah's utmost treasure (Jannah)

Every Step I Take, With Pride

Every step I take, with pride
Confidence is all the sight as I stride
They fathom not, my beauty I hide
Curiosity catches the soul to picture underneath
My foreign disguise makes them wonder
Then they strike like a thunder
So I wield my smile for them to ponder

Aisha was not a birth mother
Yet her children beyond counting
Maryann was not a wife
Yet she is venerable among existing women
Asiyah is wife to perilous man
Yet she is praised and cherished
Just for the sake of their hiding beauty

Craving For Jannah

Say: Kul huwwa llohu ahad
All other believes should then be discard

Alhamdullillah we are Muslims
To the astray world, we are not victims
We believe not but only in Islamic monotheism
Despite the presence of many practicing polytheism

Allah promise the believers nothing less but Jannah
While those that turn their backs will have nowhere to return other than Jahannam
May HE safeguard us from the torment of hell as punishment therein is going to be a norm

A Trackless Train

Come to me;
I will give you a mean;
In my father’s means;
In a bid to get a mean;
The fellow is missed;
And that is the common mean;
By which my brother is missing;
He is a trackless train!

Come to our tower;
You will see his power;
That gives people offers;
Alongside a lover;
With a powerful range rover;
This is the corner;
By which she is covered;
That she remains uncovered;
Oh! What a shocker!
She is a trackless train!

Emotional Afro

The sky is without its precious halogen,
The site is becoming a dangerous pathogen,
And the hope of getting the youngest old lady’s stories is wallowing.

Tonight is one night without the moonlight
It is a night I would love to pull a big flight
Alas! I am without the confidence that gives me the real might

Is their going to be tomorrow is the question I found hanging on my lips
Even this heap of microchip is zipped
The innocent me is without its innocent mind