Clouds of doubts snaked across my dear mind,

Like a pregnant sky in labour for downpours, my mind

Roamed from the street of dubiety to the street of maze.

Would I ever get past this tangled web of life? What a haze!


I felt my mind incarcerated in somewhat an abyss,

Fear sought my heart in marriage! A promise of bliss?

Not cocksure, for the wings of hope seemed ablaze.


To those who beautify their feet not for show off but for fashion,

Or those who don’t go to places without the likes of SUPRA or JORDAN,

To those who wearing sandals is their hobby,

Or those who slip into loafers as though it was an interview time,

To those who don’t fall into this category but deprive others of their right,

By restrict their movement, frustrating them.


It is the dawn we all want and crave

Because of which many stock and save

A dawn that comes with infinite returns

The dawn of the month of Ramadan


It is the dawn we all want and crave

A time those who want easily eat and save

A time for fasting, a time for sacrificing

A time for brooding and great discipline


Gates of heaven are now gaping

Those of Hades are fully fastened

The devil and his gofers are under chain

That Muslims may rid their pneumatic stain …