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 Whether we like it or not, we have got to live with one reality: there is trouble with this generation; and the trouble is in the word civilisation which has destroyed the world beyond imagining.

It is incontrovertible that ours is the generation of myriad of scientific inventions and technological innovations which have no doubt, improved so many aspects of humans lives. They have brought about so much enlightenment – in virtually all spheres of life – and invariably, social sophistication to the world of the living. As such, many regard this generation as the computer age and others see it as the peak of civilisation. Either opinion cannot be faulted. However, unknowingly to us, this civilization, as has been globally misconstrued, has done human manners and morals a great damage.

To start with, no word, in recent time, has come in defence of follies more than civilisation. It has become the most potent and effective war weapon against human reasoning. In fact, it has become a suitable ambush of impropriety. So many vices have escaped the sword of chastisement with their doers (and those in position to curb these acts) alluding them to civilisation. Man has seized to live according to the moral and spiritual precepts of life but as dictated by modern civilisation. The justification of all doings is no longer in whether it conforms to humanly creeds and divine injunctions; but whether it is in tandem with modernity.  With this, civilisation (as the fops call it) has sent virtues into extinction. And nearly everyone has become infected with its immoral malady.

Ideally, any good civilisation is that which reforms and rehabilitates humans and their societies, morally and without disregard for spirituality. But this has not always been so with the 21st century. Rather, civilisation to us has become the vault of ills and the bane of vices. In fact, some attitudes considered as heinous and crude in the past have suddenly morphed to become the creeds of pride such that nudity, gambling, interest lending, homosexuality, bestiality, philandering and transgenderism have become the emblems of our civilization. And ‘the fools, to quote a poet, have continued to thread where the angels fear.’ The word civilization, as applicable to the 21st century, is fast becoming the route to the valley of perdition.

Of course, it can be argued that the world had in the past, witnessed genuine civilisations. Those were the civilisations that really civilised humanity; and not the modernized madness of the 21st century. Of such civilisations was the civilisation of the Arabs by Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), in the 6th century. The Prophet liberated his Arabian folk from jahiliyyah- their age-long ignorance. He dissuaded them from the bestial act of infanticide and incest. He eradicated the death judgment usually passed on female infants by the Arabs. He made them realise that a girl-child is no less useful to the society than her boy counterpart. From a scholarly angle, we may refer to the Prophet (PUBH) as a feminist – women’s liberator- ensuring that the female Arabian children were no longer deprived their right to life. But his feminism was not radical. It did not defy divine order.

Not only that, the Prophet (PBUH) did more in civilising the Arabs. He put an end to one heinous act which was common among the Arabs. This act was polyandry - the  attitude which allows multiple men the sexual right to a single woman, only for the patriarchal lineage of its product to be decided by resemblance. He moved them from the position of over clothed blindness of hearts to illumination of minds. All but the spiritual renegades among the Arabs eschewed these savage cultures and embraced civility. Such ideals of Mohammed foregrounded the right civilization.

It is noteworthy that the Romans had witnessed a modicum of such, prior to that of the Arabs. It was during the reign of Emperor Augustus Caesar in Rome. Having succeeded his uncle, Julius Caesar, Augustus brought sanity back to Rome, by putting an end to the draconian power of the pater familias which empowered the heads of the Roman family to kill, sell and dehumanise any member of their families at whims. The age was considered the brightest age of the Romans. Those were real civilisations. They were humane and godly.

Antithetically, the vaunted modern civilisation falls short of virtues. Ours is a civilisation of imitation.  We all imitate every folly initiated in the west. And it is certain that one man made abnormal will make many more mad. I call it the fecundity of ills.

In spite of these obvious facts about the evils inherent in the misconstrued civilisation of the 21st century, human creatures are hell bent on drinking life to the lees. They say they are at the peak. Humans say modernity supersedes spirituality. They say man should hold on to the world and God should remain in heaven. They say man is too wise to conform himself to the injunctions of his Lord. They say humans must thread where the angels fear. They say civilisation has come to stay and sanity must be the sacrificial lamb. Men have fled the righteous land and now live in sodomy.  They have drawn lines with God and pitched tents with the Satan. The safest act for the pious is to seek divine mercy against the tribulation of divine retribution.

Indeed, there is trouble with world. They are fools who think otherwise.

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