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“Oh you who believe, fear Allah and be among the righteous one

I can still vividly remember the first advice I got in the University of Ibadan after the series of “remember the son of who you are” from parents and relatives. It was my first day in the University of Ibadan to resume fully as an undergraduate, I came with my luggage and baggage but commercial cars with which I came were not allowed to enter the school area so I had to take a drop to my hall, the great Nnamdi Azikiwe hall. The advice was actually from a the cabman who after noticing that I am a Muslim said; “my son, God will bless you, when you get to your hall, make sure you find the MSSN people and join them, that is the only way you can be safe from the dangers on campus. When those cultists and bad boys see you, they will leave you and say “leave him, he is one of the MSSN.” I then decided that this MSSN must be the right group to join.

Subsequently, it was the orientation lecture delivered by the Chief Imam of the university that left me with no doubt that I really have to be among this people.

MSSN was established about 60 years ago by some group of students who stood up to the challenges facing them as Muslim students then. The society has since then been and is still responding to the challenges facing the Muslim students.

Hierarchically, MSSN starts with the national body and is divided from there to two zones; A-zone covering all the Northern states and B-zone consisting of the South Western states and the South-South. In each zones there are the area units for each states and down to the Area Council of local governments in the states from which spring the Central Branches, the higher institution branches and secondary school branches. With this we can trace ourselves from the National Body down to B-zone to Oyo Area Unit, then Akinyele Area Council and down to University of Ibadan branch, that is, MSSNUI.

Socrates said, “an unknown world is not worth living in.” I think it is apropos for you to know about MSSNUI since it is a society that you now automatically belong to. MSSNUI has the central Executive Council which consists of twenty-seven members under the leadership of Ameer Abd’ Hamid Lawal with the secretariat in the central mosque. The leadership of the society is then decentralised to all the halls of residence and faculties where we have the Hall Imams and the Faculty Co-ordinators respectively. The hall imams and the faculty coordinators all form the Central Dawah Committee under the chairmanship of the Naibul Ameer.
In order to intimate you with the society’s programme, I will state some of the activities. The activities ranges from academic packages such as tutorial classes especially for freshers, award of excellence, seminars, paper presentations, quiz etc. to spiritual packages which include the weekly Da’wah Enlightenment on Tuesdays and Spiritual Night on Thursdays, the Circle of Learning which is a class to learn Arabic and Islamic studies on weekends, the daily post subhi talk, memorization on Saturdays, question and answers session on Sundays etc. The welfare packages include; free iftars during Ramadan, payment of fees and monthly stipends for indigent students among others. The society also extends her hand to the outside world through the activities of the Hospital Visitation Committee which is responsible for visiting Muslim patients in hospitals and Prison Yard Visitation Committee which visits the inmates at Agodi prisons among other programmes such as rural dawah, open air dawah etc.

Other activities of the society include the Adh-Dhikr Press of the society through which members are developed intellectually among her other functions, the Al Huda ventures is not left out; this is the business arm of the society under which the following units exist; Mosque Premises Shop for sales of refreshments, Al Ummah café, Computer Centre for printing and photocopy with sales of flash drives, memory cards et al. The Al Huda bank provides a way of saving your money in the halal way and the Islamic Book Centre where you can readily get your Islamic books. All of these units are situated in the central mosque.


The annual programmes of the society include the orientation week, the jihad week, the Ramadan tafsirs and iftar session, the rural da’wah, da’wah weekends among others. Time and space will not allow me to continue in intimating you with the activities of the society but all you need to do is to be active in the activities, you will know them as they come by. You will have no regrets, just be active with MSSN, I will not tell you to join because you are a member already, even if you are among those that were told from home not to join MSSN, after a survey you will not be left to just say MSSN is not bad at all but MSSN is the right place to be. Welcome to the University of Ibadan, it is nice having you as a new member.

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