No to Violence against Women

Muhammad Jamiu Mubarak


I am Muhammad Jamiu Mubarak. I'm one of the leading advocates for the Campaign against Maltreatment of Women.

There's no gainsaying that the womenfolk are ideally the bedrock of every society. Children upbringing which brings about societal flux is dependent on the feminine gender. But the treatments being meted on this gender are heartbreaking and thought-provoking. This prompted my press organisation to flag off a campaign against all its forms in order to give rise to the voices of the oppressed.

It is often said: empathy is the greatest superpower of the feminine gender. Its realisation is not far-fetched, owing to the recent media trends showing the displeasure of the skyrocketing rape cases and victimisation as a whole.

My press organisation and I deeply express our heartfelt condolences and promise unflinching support for the fight to stop violence against women; ensure the culprits are adequately brought to justice and make sure the ravaging menace is utterly brought to a halt.


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