Say no to Violence

Ojebola Hikmah Damilola

Hello! I am Ojebola Hikmah Damilola. I'm one of the leading advocates for Campaign against Maltreatment of Women.
Violence against women is a grave violation of human rights. Its impacts range from immediate to long-term physical, sexual and mental consequences for women. It negatively affects women’s well-being and prevents them from attaining their full potentials.
The consequences are not only on the victims -women- but also on their families, the community and the nation at large. It has tremendous costs: from greater health care, legal expenses, to loss of productivity; they all affect the financial budget and overall development of the nation.
Violence against women comes in different forms, which include: domestic violence, sexual assault and harassment, early and forced marriage, sex trafficking and female genital mutilation. It is rooted in gender inequality-which the feminine gender is at the receiving end and faces it from cradle to grave.

It is one of the most widely-spread violations of human rights and has long-term devastating effects on the lives of the women, their communities and the wider society. It is time to say ‘enough is enough’. We want violence against women to come to an end.
We all can stop the anomaly by speaking with one voice; making use of social media trends; influencing people’s attitudes and beliefs. Join the campaign and help spread the words. 'Say No to Violence against Women.'
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