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Alhamdulillah waashhadu an laailaahaillallahwaashhaduannaMuhammadanrasulillah, ammaba’d.

Allah sent all His Prophets with a mission to bring to the hearing of mankind about Tawheed. He made Muhammad the seal of them all. In many books of tawheed and aqeedah, it has been recorded that the Islam of a Muslim is incomplete except with the belief in Muhammad which also encompasses the love for all His companions who were the fulcrum in which Allah used to hold our Islam.Rasul said in the hadeeth of Abu NajeehIrbaadbnSaariyah recorded in Saheeh Muslim “…and upon you is my Sunnah and the sunnah of my rightly guided Caliphs”. Imam Ahmad also said in his book, UsoolusSunnah, that the foundation of Sunnah is holding firmly upon what the companions of the Rasul are upon.

As the Rasul had prophesized in the Hadeeth of Mu’aawiyyahbnAbiSufyaan, there had been diversities and sects among the Muslims, many of which are on the wrong track. Most of these sects derailed from the path of Islam or Sunnah vis-a-vis their position on the companions of Rasul. Some of them believed that some of the Sahabahsare Kaafir while the others believed that all of them are Kuffar. Bi idhnillah, I shall discuss about these sects and their beliefs and the reply to their assumptions. One of our teachers, Abu Naasir said: “the treaty of the Islam of any person is verified to be true or belied to be a lie vis-à-vis his position or belief on the companions of Rasul.”

First, the Shiites or should I say the Rawaafidh believe that all the companions of Rasul became Kaafir after His demise except from people like Aliyy, Faatimah, AmmarbnYaasir and some others. They disregarded all the wives of the Prophet as His family. They also believed that Jibril made a mistake when bringing the message to Rasul. They stated that Allah had sent Jibril to Aliyy. They also believed that their Imams have the knowledge of the unseen. They hate Abu-Bakr, Umar, Uthmaan, Abu Hurayrah and many others so much. They don’t regard us as Muslims except that we believe that Abu-Bakr, Umar and Uthmaan are Kaafirs. Wallah, I had heard one of them comparing Abu-Bakr to a dog. He said that a black dog is better than Abu-Bakr. All these can be found in the book, Al farqubaynalfiraq of Abdul Qaahir Al-Baghdaady. Their Shuyukh include Ayaatullah Khomeini (May Allah’s wrath be upon him) andIbraheemZaqzaqee (May Allah guide him).

Our Reply: The correct belief of a Muslim is that he believes that all the companions of Rasul are all people of Al-Jannah before and after the demise of Rasul. This is based on the saying of Allah in suuratulTawbah, verse 100 “And those who have preceded from the Muhaajiruun and the Ansaar, and those who followed them with righteousness, Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Allah and He has prepared for them Al Jannah flowing beneath them rivers, they will live there forever and that is the greatest success”. Imam Ibn Katheer said in His tafseer while explaining the last verse of Suuratu Muhammad; “From this verse, Imam Maalik deduced on the disbelief of the Rawaafidh because they hate the Sahaabah, and whoever hate any one of the companions is a Kaafir based on this verse”. The Rasul said in the Hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah; “Do not abuse my companions for if you were to do sadaqah of gold equal to the height of mountain Uhud, the reward therein is not equal to a handful of their reward”.These evidence show that the Sahabahs are people of great virtues.

Also among the Islamic belief is that the angels are messengers of Allah. They worship Allah since the day they are created and they will never disobey Allah. The claim of the Shiites on the mistake of Jibril is false based on the saying of Allah in suratutTahreem verse 6“…on it are angels, stern and severe, they do not disobey what Allah has commanded them and they do what He ordered them”. From this verse, it can be deduced that Jibril didn’t make and can never make any mistake, and he will forever obey Allah’s commandments.

In addition to the belief in Muhammadis believingthat the best man after Him is Abu-Bakr then Umar then Uthmaan. These three will be the first three to enter Al Jannah after all the prophets. No one will enter Jannah before them. As it has been recorded in SaheehBukhaary; “the best of mankind after the Rasul is Abu-Bakr then Umar then Uthmaan”. The Rasul also said in Bukhaary and Muslim about those who fought in Badr“Allah told the people of Badr: Do whatever you wish for verily I have forgiven you”. He also said about Abu-Bakr “It is not appropriate for any group of people in which Abu-Bakr is among them for other than him to lead them in Salaat”. He also said “No wealth benefitted me like the wealth of Abu-Bakr benefitted me”. He also mentioned about Umar: “Shaytaan will never see you passing through a path and he also wishes to pass that path except that he passes another path different from yours”. He mentioned about Uthmaan in the hadeeth of Anas: “Shouldn’t I be shy of a man whom the angels are shy of?” These are people that Allah has forgiven their sin and He is pleased with them. Is it right for someone to speak ill of people Allah is pleased with? Verily whoever does that is among the Khaasiruun.

In conclusion, Imam Abu Ja’far At-Tahawiyy said in Al AqeedatutTahawiyyah; “We love the companions of Rasul and we don’t go extreme in the love for any one of them. We love those who love them and we hate those who hate them. Loving them is from Islam, Eemaan and righteousness and hating them is disbelief, hypocrisy and tyranny.” Abu Muhammad Ibn Hajar said; “TheRawaafidhare not from the muslims but they are sects that run the system of the jews in lying and disbelief”. Abu Ibraheem Al-Aanisyy said “Whoever believes that the Sahabahs are our enemies is a Kaafir”. With these, I think it is apparent that whoever hates any one among the companions of Rasulhas left the fold of ISLAM because he has belied Allah and His Messenger.

I pray Allah makes this a beneficial one for us all and be evidence for us and not against us. May He forgive the writer and the readers the shortcomings and grant them a place in Jannah in company of the Rasul and His companions. WalhamdulillahiRabbil ‘Aalameen.

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