Abdulhameed Soyebo
The lecture bordered on issues relating to illicit sexual acts, its widespread, evils of fornication, punishment.
According to the discussant, fornication is a worldwide and multifaceted phenomenon which has now taken on a new look, albeit a ridiculously pleasant one. He said, gone are the days when even cultural practices promoted staying chaste and remaining so till marital life. But nowadays, the rate at which immorality is increasing is alarming, it's spreading fast into every nook and cranny and children are also being initiated into the club. 
In Surah Al Israa, Allah warns us never to move near Zina for it is evil. In explaining this, the lecturer called our attentions to why Allah, the Most Knowledgeable, didn't warn us not to "involve in" but says or warns us not to move near anything that could lead to the evil act like overconfidence, accepting gift with no care, provocative dresses and pictures etc .
To further make this lucid, the lecturer said while quoting a hadeeth of Rasool (SAW) that, all parts of the body, especially our eyes, hands, ears etc, are prone to fornication, and the best of the believers are those who shy away from all temptations of these parts by not  touching opposite sex, listening to music, using the internet for illicit intentions.
As a form of remedy, He said that the Noble Rasool (SAW) has prescribed for us Fasting and not dilly-dallying when we become mature for Nikkah.
Among the consequences of fornication are the wrath of Allah, pestilence, pregnancy, which has led many teenagers to abortion and many who couldn't survive the abortifacient drug leads to death, and deprivation of rewards for parents who successfully raise two daughters and got married while still virgin.
In conclusion, the lecturer however emphasised the fact that Allah, being Ever-forgiving, always has His doors opened for those who seek His forgiveness and are determined never to move near sinful acts again.
As Salaamun 'alaykum warahmatullah wabarakaatuh.
Written by : Abdulhameed Soyebo

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