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Let's first talk about those who scream goals every now and then, those who  when they see a lovely couple, the latest ride on the block, a well structured mansion, Louis Vuitton clothes, Gucci accessories, they reiterate the word goal. The word "goal" is not a new word to us, however, the word has been mis-used countless number of times. I'm not here to berate your inappropriate use of the word but to rather enlighten you on how to set yours and accomplish it as well as help uplift you. Often times while growing up ,we hear people say "New Resolution" but some of us don't know what it actually means. Now that we are grown up, we have substituted the word resolution with goals.

Now, what are Goals? Goals simply put are results you are attempting to achieve. Your goals are what drives you closer to your aspirations.Goals are tit bits of your bigger picture; the dream. They are stepping stones to your dreams. Do you even know how to set your goals? Whatever your answer is, do not worry. Get ready to learn, unlearn and relearn.

 Rule number 1 for setting your goals is to make it SMARTER. S for Specific, know exactly what is it that you want to achieve, the more detailed and specific, the better the goal. M for Measure, how can you measure your goal so that you will know if you are progressing or not? A for Attainable, is the goal something you know you can actually accomplish? R for Realistic, do you have the resources, capabilities and skills needed to reach your goal? T for Time bound, how much time will it take you to accomplish your goal? E for Evaluation, can you revise your goals from time to time so as to know if you are moving from good to better?. R for Relevance, is your goal relevant to your career path?.

Moving on, rule number 2 for goal setting and accomplishment is; Write down your goals, I mean put it in black and white and paste it somewhere close to you where you get to see it regularly. The purpose of writing down your goals is to clarify and strengthen your intention.

Rule number 3; break it down. Break down your goals into small and manageable steps in order not to be overwhelmed or freaked out by mere looking at it.

Rule number 4; hold yourself accountable. You have to hold yourself accountable by maintaining focus and discipline through out the process. Be responsible for yourself and your actions.

Rule number 5; reward yourself. You have to reward yourself for little wins and every progress made towards achieving your goals. The essence of it is to motivate you to do more and not get distracted from your goals.

Rule number 6; develop systems and habits that will help you to accomplish your goals. Effective systems and habits make it easier for you to achieve your goals.  

May Allah put barakah in all that we do.

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